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6) Explain the difference between animal consciousness and human consciousness. (250 words)

Topic: Ethics and Human Interface: Essence, determinants and consequences of Ethics in human actions; dimensions of ethics; ethics in private and public relationships.

6) Explain the difference between animal consciousness and human consciousness. (250 words)

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Why this question:

The question is based upon the theme of consciousness.

Key demand of the question:

One must compare and contrast the consciousness of humans and animals and the intent of the question is to appreciate the superiority of human consciousness.


Explain – Clarify the topic by giving a detailed account as to how and why it occurred, or what is the particular context. You must be defining key terms where ever appropriate, and substantiate with relevant associated facts.

Structure of the answer:


Explain first what you understand by consciousness.


Explain that the differences between consciences are a matter of content. A brain experiences thing with the help of representative models stimulated more or less intensely according to the information that reaches it from the outside on the one hand, and that it generates intrinsically on the other hand.

Animals have different contents of humans, coarser for most mental functions, but more elaborate on some specific points. They all have a language, less verbose of course than that of humans, but which nevertheless allows them to exchange essential information for their species. For example the dog consciously experiences a palette of olfactory representations probably as rich as the range of our own visual images.

Highlight thus the importance of human consciousness.


Conclude by reasserting the significance of consciousness in one’s life.