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[VIDEO] Essay Topics Discussion – Mains Test Series 2019


Essay Topics Discussion

Following is the Essay question paper of Insights Mains Test Series 2019.In the following video Vinay Sir discusses about various new perspectives that can be brought into these topics to make your essay unique and interesting. 

Section – A

  1. Ecology is the overall science of which economics is a minor speciality.
  2. Fourth Industrial Revolution should be revolution of values
  3. Climate Change and Ecological emergency – Do we have solutions?
  4.  Inclusive governance begets Inclusive growth

Section – B

  1. India’s headache: Unemployment or Underemployment? 
  2. We need Universal Basic Services, not Universal Basic Income
  3. Continuity is at the heart of conservatism: ecology serves that heart. 
  4. Ease of doing agriculture is as important as Ease of doing business.