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Jal Hi Jeevan Hai

Topics covered:

  1. Conservation related issues.

Jal Hi Jeevan Hai


What to study?

For prelims and mains: key features and significance of the scheme, the issue of water scarcity and measures needed to avert the problem.


Context: The farmers of northern districts of Haryana have shown a keen interest in crop diversification scheme called ‘Jal Hi Jeevan Hai’ of the Haryana government which promotes to diversify paddy area into maize, arhar dal (pigeon pea) and soybean.


About the scheme:

The scheme is for replacement of Paddy by Maize and other crops in 7 dark zone blocks.

The target is to diversify around 50000 Hectare area from this season.



Due to continuous Paddy growing in the State about 1 mtr. water table is depleting per year. Crop diversification through the above scheme is intended to promote technological innovation with sustainable agriculture and enable farmers to choose crop alternatives for increasing productivity and income.


The root causes of this over-exploitation of water are because of the following:

  1. A continuous cultivation of water guzzling crops in rice wheat cropping system. 
  2. Ground water withdrawal has outpaced its recharge that take place from annual precipitation.
  3. The method of irrigation in the rice and wheat crops results in excess watering and wastage of water.


Objectives of the scheme:

  • To reduce the area of water guzzling crops in Haryana
  • Induction of technological innovation for establishing alternate crops for sustainable agriculture.
  • To introduce Resource conservation,
  • To restore ground water table
  • To control soil fatigue because of rice-wheat cycle and introduce soil conservative and micronutrients balanced crop for the soil.
  • To shift the farmer from paddy wheat cycle and give more profitable crop options to the farmers
  • Ensure purchase of produce of this diversified area through MSP and also give farmer input support and cover his risk by insuring them completely under PMFBY by paying their insurance premium by the Government with an overall objective of increasing farmers’ income which will step forward in achieving ‘doubling of farmers’ income goal”.


Incentives Provided By The Government:

  • Rs 2000/- per acre for the farmer. 
  • High quality and high yield hybrid seed will be provided to these selected farmers on HSDC counters free of cost.
  • The selected farmers will be covered by State Government by paying the farmer’s premium share also for Maize Crop under PMFBY. 
  • The produce of these farmers will be purchased by the state Government at MSP.


Sources: TOI.