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InsightsIAS Classroom Program (OGP) – 2020: Updated Timetable (74 Pages of Detailed Strategy) + Feedback

InsightsIAS Classroom Program (OGP) – 2020

Updated Timetable (74 Pages of Detailed Strategy)


OGP-2020 Features in Nutshell:

  • 58 Full Length Prelims Mocks as part of OGP-2020 aligned with CLASSROOM TEACHING

  • Special CSAT classes every week

  • Special Current Affairs classes every week

  • Mentorship Program – Mentor for every 40 Students

  •           Individual attention – Guaranteed!
  • 12 Full Length Mains Tests 

  • Nearly 500 Hours of classroom teaching for freshers

There is much more. Check the Timetable below. Join today. Don’t regret later.

As engineering examinations in Karnataka and elsewhere are scheduled to get completed in the last week of June 2019, we have still kept admissions open heeding to the request by many students who would like to join this flagship program of InsightsIAS. 

From the OGP-2019, nearly 70 percent of our students who have given Prelims – 2019 are scoring in the range of 90 to 125 marks – which proves that our rigorous schedule coupled with high quality classes have made a huge impact on performance of our students in actual exam. 

After successfully completing two batches of classroom programs, for 2020 we have come up with a separate program for FRESHERS. InsightsIAS has always been associated with advanced or rigorous guidance program. But from this year we have divided program into TWO parts: One for completely FRESHERS i.e. OGP-2020; and another one for VETERANS i.e. Core Batch – 2020.

We have designed an extremely detailed Timetable for OGP-2020 (74 pages document). We have briefly put most important features in the beginning  of this post. This program is not usual conventional coaching program. It is designed to help FRESHERS confidently face their first attempt without fear. Imagine 70% of the freshers scoring 90+ marks in the recently concluded prelims! This doesn’t happen in a conventional setup. Such a result is possible only through unmatched guidance and rigorous training. This year we have tripled the number of staff to have a better student-teacher ratio to provide individual attention to our students. To believe it, visit our centre and interact with our faculty and mentors.

Following is the timetable for InsightsIAS Classroom Program (OGP-2020).


*OGP Student will have to write Essay every week. Essays will be evaluated by our faculty. There will be essay and answer writing sessions as well at regular interval. 

For admissions, please click the link below.


insights ogp 2020