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InsightsIAS Core Batch – 2020: Details of Entrance Test, Fees, Timetable etc


InsightsIAS Core Batch – 2020

Details of Entrance Test, Fees, Timetable etc

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InsightsIAS Core Batch has been instrumental in creating many toppers since CSE-2014. The present Core Batch – 2020 derives its form, shape, essence and inspiration from earlier core batches. However, the Core Batch – 2020 is the most comprehensive program for UPSC civil services exam which seeks to transform an aspirant into a topper in one go – provided a student who is part of the program sticks to the timetable till the end.

Looking at the timetable one can see that it is a very detailed and comprehensive plan which makes life very easy for the most ambitious UPSC aspirant who has in him/her mettle, intellect and grit to crack this exam. The program seeks to channelise an aspirant’s entire energy towards meaningful and productive preparation in order to instil confidence before every stage of UPSC civil services exam.

The program relies heavily on an aspirant’s ability to do self-study without getting distracted for a course of a year. There will not be any teaching or spoon-feeding in the program. Every test we give will require careful preparation on part of an aspirant. All the tests will be carefully designed to not only test aspirant’s ability to comprehend, understand, retain, recollect and reproduce quality content, but also to give a competitive edge by touching upon only relevant topics which will be important from exam point of view (Prelims + Mains).

As the timetable is beautifully twined with subject-wise Prelims test series, a student of InsightsIAS core batch will be making an integrated preparation for UPSC civil services exam – 2020.

As the demand of UPSC has shifted (for the better) towards selecting candidates who are thoroughly aware of general  issues and have ability to think on their own by relying on self-study, our core batch program gives a perfect platform for such creed of candidates who think they possess qualities of a topper.

At InsightsIAS we have resources, talent, infrastructure and values needed to deliver the best possible guidance to our students. Every year our results have proven that our initiatives both online and offline continue to be innovative, unique and IAS aspirant – friendly.

Details of Core Batch

Total number of tests – 130+

Imagine giving 130+ tests over a period of 10 months and getting every test comprehensively evaluated! While clearly knowing how much efforts and resources such an initiative would demand from our side, we have ventured with all preparedness to start an exciting journey with very committed and very serious set of students to achieve a remarkable results in CSE-2020. It’s undeniable that all our tests when taken seriously will definitely help core batch student to inch nearer to his/her goal of clearing UPSC civil  services with a good rank.

Why are we so confident?

This core batch program will help its student not only improve writing skills, speed of writing and complete the syllabus. But it will train them so hard that any fear of exam just vanishes. This fearless attitude coupled with solid preparation is the secret of success in this exam.

Our timetable instils discipline and naturally helps its student to stay consistent – another trait of any successful person.


Download the updated Timetable from below link.

Click Here

Important Dates:

  1. Last Date for Application: 22 June 2019
  2. Date of Entrance Test: 23 June 2019
  3. Date of Result of Entrance Test: 25 June 2019
  4. Date of Orientation Class of Core Batch: 28 June 2019
  5. Date of Commencement of Formal Discussions/Tests:  03 July 2019

Entrance Test:

Considering hundreds of Online applicants who can not visit Bangalore just for giving the entrance test, we have designed a subjective test which will be conducted both online and offline. This test will have time limit and answer copy must be uploaded within certain stipulated time.

On 23 June 2019, we will be mailing all Core Batch applicants (Online) a question cum answer booklet. An aspirant must write the test within 2.30 Hours and upload the answer script within 2 hours.

For offline student, same test will be conducted at our OGP-2 centre (a reminder mail will be sent on 22 June 2019 to every applicant).

As mentioned above, result will be declared on 25th June itself – so that selected students can come to Bangalore by 28th June. If one can’t come by 28th June, he/she can come by July 2 and settle here in Bangalore near to our institution.

The entrance test will have 9 questions:

  1. Two questions from General Studies paper – 1
  2. Two questions from General Studies paper – 2
  3. Two questions from General Studies paper – 3
  4. Two questions from General Studies paper – 4 (including a Case Study)
  5. One Essay topic

(There will be no MCQs. Test will be descriptive in nature)


Rs 95,000 (Inclusive of 18% GST)

*Concession in fees will be considered for students who have previously given UPSC civil services interviews

(For core batch students there will be concession of 25% on Reading Room Fees)

For further details about Core Batch, please Read THIS article

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Wish you all the best!