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InsightsIAS MAINS TEST SERIES – 2019 (Online + Offline): Timetable and Details



Online and Offline

Timetable and Details


Last year our Mains test series was appreciated both for its quality and on time feedback by subscribers, many of whom went on to score excellent marks in Mains and subsequently ended up as UPSC CSE toppers.

Unlike other Mains test series, we had unique feature of forcing candidates to complete exam on the same day and upload their answer script within certain time limit. This feature was instrumental in bringing in discipline among our subscribers. 

We also lived up to the promise of uploading back evaluated copies within 7 to 10 days window. This again helped our subscribers to write all tests without wasting their time in uncertainty. 

Over the years, we have evolved standardisation in awarding marks to our students (including Essay paper). This is done by thoroughly training evaluators before every test in many aspects such as; training them in properly understanding the demand of every question and essay topic; training them hard by making them write entire test before evaluation and then by discussing each and every question themselves to rule out any subjectivity while awarding marks.

Most of our test series students (Rank 17, Rank 114 , Rank 303)have scored excellent marks in Ethics and Essay papers thanks to our unique set of guidelines w.r.t these papers. 

Good News:

Unlike last year, from Test 1 all tests will have 20 Questions each. This will help any candidate to improve their writing speed by mid way in order to answer 20 questions in given 3 hours.

Also, there are 8 Essay (full length) tests. Considering the importance of Essay in UPSC civil services Mains exam, our test series gives you enough practice to score good marks in this paper (coupled with our expert feedback). 


  1. There will be Total of 28 tests20 Full Length including 8 Full Length Essay Tests (Among 20 GS tests, first 8 Tests are Sectional but will have 20 questions each). No other test series provides these many tests with full evaluation within span of 90 days. You will have an extra definite advantage by joining this test series. 
  2. A total of Three rounds of revision of entire Mains GS syllabus is possible by adhering to our timetable.
  3. More emphasis on Full Length Tests to provide intensive practice where a candidate can improve both speed and quality of his/her answers
  4. Question cum Answer Booklets (Only English medium)
  5. Detailed feedback on answers by expert evaluation that’s trained hard by Team Insights.
  6. Comprehensive Synopsis for each test – these will be provided within 2 days of the test.
  7. Discussion of Tests in classroom after every test (Video of the same will be provided online for online test series subscribers) + Special sessions on Essay, Ethics and GS answer writing tips
  8. Evaluation of copies within 7 to Days of submission. 
  9. Even the Simulation Tests (Final set of full length tests) will be evaluated and personal feedback is given (By Vinay Sir at offline tests).
  10. All Tests will be conducted under strict exam like condition with fixed timing. We will strictly NOT entertain anyone who comes late to tests. Only in special cases(for working professionals), we will provide tests in the evening that too on-demand. To bring seriousness and to provide real exam-like feeling, all tests will be conducted in one time slot for all candidates. (Test timings will be intimated once registrations are over)

Best Feature: Price of each of our packages is best in terms of returns on investment (compared all other test series as we offer more features for less price).

Like last year there will be separate packages:

Package No of Tests Price
Full Package 28 Tests Rs 25000/- (Including 18% GST)
Essay 8 Tests Rs 7200/- (Including 18% GST)
Ethics 5 Tests Rs 5000/- (Including 18% GST)
Essay and Ethics 13 Tests Rs 12000/- (Including 18% GST)
General Studies papers without Ethics 15 Tests Rs 13500/- (Including 18% GST)
Four General Studies Papers 20 Tests Rs 18500/- (Including 18% GST)



Click The Link below to download InsightsIAS Mains Test Series – 2019 Timetable.



Regisration and Subscription:

You can register and subscribe for InsightsIAS Mains Test Series 2019 at the following link:

Insights Mains Test Series Website


We wish to serve you better this time too.

NOTE: View Video by Vinay Sir on Mains Preparation

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