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Insights OGP-2019(VIDOES): Know your Faculty


Insights OGP-2019: Know your Faculty


At InsightsIAS we have a dedicated full-time faculty who not only teach concepts with highest clarity, but also passionately mentor our students showing them right path towards success. Having see UPSC journey from very close quarters with many years of teaching experience, our faculty is empathetic in understanding the concerns of our students. They have experience, knowledge and wisdom to address any concerns of our students. Being young, energetic, proactive and accessible, faculty at InsightsIAS never get tires of guiding students towards excellence. Earlier we had 5 faculties, but this time we have doubled the number and also have tied up with top faculty from around India to provide special classes whenever required. 

The faculty at InsightsIAS works as a team and is committed to not only complete syllabus, but also help student excel in writing skills and prelims related skills too. We have made sure that the team stays committed throughout the batch to help students see progress as exam nears thereby instilling required confidence to ace exam with calm mind. And the team is steered by Vinay Sir who has an experience of personally guiding hundreds of toppers for past 5 years (as a OGP student you will have access to his guidance anytime you want)