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Buddha Purnima- 18 May 2019

Buddha Purnima- 18 May 2019:


What is it? Buddha Purnima also known as Vaishak Purnima is the birth anniversary of Gautama Buddha. 2019 marks the 2,563rd birth anniversary of the Buddha.

  • It is an important day charted by Buddhist monks and all followers of the message of Gautam Buddha.
  • Interestingly, Buddha Purnima, celebrated in May every year, is even more special because the Buddha’s enlightenment and mahaparinirvan also happened during the Purnima in the month of May.
  • The world over, the day is observed through dhana, sila and bhavana.
  • To mark the day that is also known as Vesak, in some countries such as Vietnam, China and Japan the Buddha’s idol is bathed in water and flowers.