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Commonwealth Tribunal

Topic covered:

  1. Important International institutions, agencies and fora, their structure, mandate.


Commonwealth Tribunal


What to study?

For prelims and mains: the tribunal, Composition and functions.


Context: Justice KS Radhakrishnan, a former Supreme Court judge, has been appointed as the Member of the Commonwealth Secretariat Arbitral Tribunal of London. He will serve a 4-year term from June 1, 2019 to May 31, 2023 as a Member of the Tribunal.


About Commonwealth Secretariat Arbitral Tribunal:

The Commonwealth Secretariat Arbitral Tribunal resolves disputes of the Commonwealth organisations, international or intergovernmental.

Based in London.

Functions under a Statute agreed by Commonwealth governments.

Composition: eight members, comprising the President and 7 Members. Members are selected by the Commonwealth Governments.

Eligibility: For the post of Member, a person shall be of high moral character who has held or holds high judicial office in a Commonwealth country. Even a legal consultant with at least 10 years of experience is eligible for the post.

Term: The Members are appointed for a 4-year term. Their term can be renewed, however, only once.



  • It hears applications brought by staff of the Commonwealth Secretariat, Commonwealth Secretariat or any person who is in contract with the Commonwealth Secretariat.
  • The Tribunal entertains only such cases in which organisations agree to surrender to its jurisdiction.


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