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6) “Space start-ups are the new sunrise industry”. Comment(250 words)

Topic:Awareness in the fields of Space.

6) “Space start-ups are the new sunrise industry”. Comment(250 words)

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Why this question:

The question is in the backdrop of the coming of NewSpace India Ltd. (NSIL) as a commercial entity of Department of space along with the existing Antrix – the commercial arm of Indian department of space.

Demand of the question:

This question seeks to examine the coming of space start ups as the new sunrise sector. In the last few years India has witnessed a boom and more than a dozen space focused startups have emerged. In such a scenario the coming of commercial arms makes a difference. One has to suggest and highlight the importance of such entiites.

Directive word:

Commenthere we have to express our knowledge and understanding of the issue and form an overall opinion thereupon.

Structure of the answer:


Start with brief introduction of the space industry in India.


Discuss the following points in detail:

  • Background – In February 2019, the Union Cabinet had cleared a new business arm for Department of Space (DoS). On March 6, 2019, the DoS registered NewSpace India Ltd. (NSIL) as its commercial entity.
  • NSIL is the second commercial entity of the Department of Space (DoS) after Antrix Corporation Limited, which was set up in 1992 to market the products and services of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).
  • What is the mandate of NSIL ? how will it effect space industry ?
  • Significance of Space startups in Indian scenario.


Conclude with way ahead.