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InsightsIAS Offline Guidance Program (OGP)-2020: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



InsightsIAS Offline Guidance Program (OGP)-2020

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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In OGP-2018 and OGP-2019, we had mixed crowd where we tried our best to teach both basics and advanced. However, when we taught advanced topics, freshers were not happy. When we did basics, veterans were unhappy. Therefore, OGP-2020 is solely meant for freshers where we will focus on basics first and then move on to advanced classes. We will be focusing first on building basics. It is extremely important to learn basics and build a strong foundation. Our teachers come from 6-8 years of UPSC experience where they have experienced all phases of exam in and out. In addition, they have teaching experience of 5+ years.

And our experience of recently conducting basic classes and advanced core batch discussions have helped us correctly identify requirements of freshers who want to start from scratch. From one class to another you will notice that your confidence grows strength to strength.

Moving forward, unlike other institutions we are experts in giving regular tests and giving regular feedback on your answers and essays. In OGP you will improve writing skills as well.

It’s a whole package where your preparation is in safe hands.

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At InsightsIAS, we treat students with lots of care and we are sensitive to their need. We make sure that we first treat students as human beings rather than as customers. We are aware of multitude of problems that an aspirant goes through on daily basis – anxiety, fear, personal problems, depression, self-doubts, relationship problems, food related issues, accommodation issues etc. Most importantly students go through issue of not getting  the right guidance that keeps them on right track. We address these concerns genuinely with care and concern. We believe that if someone has come to us imposing faith and trust, we should not break it.

Having said this, mistakes do take place from our side. Whenever this happens, we listen to students and their feedback. This is the speciality of InsightsIAS. We are not here to teach you and ignore you; but to see you grow from strength to strength and finally succeed in this exam. To see this side of ours, regular dialogue between you and us is necessary.


There are plenty of reasons why you should  come to Bangalore and join InsightsIAS.

  1. Most important reason is that don’t look at Insights only from classroom point of view – at our institution you will get to write n number of tests, get feedback on n number of answers and essay that you write. What more, you will get to interact with toppers on a regular basis. We won’t charge you anything extra to write our other tests. for example, you can get question paper of our other test series and practice at home for free without buying them from photocopy shop.
  2. Bangalore is a very cosmopolitan and safe city where cost of living is cheaper compared to either Delhi.
  3. Weather in Bangalore is pleasant most of the year – no extreme heat or cold. neither extreme rainfall or drought type situation. It’s pleasant to spend marathon hours on preparing for the exam peacefully.
  4. The area where we are located has become an hub for UPSC civil services preparation and there is no dearth of materials in case you need them (we suggest you to stay away from too many guidances and materials)
  5. One important reason is that it’s extremely difficult to prepare from home unless you are highly disciplined. Only very very few succeed studying from home. 
  6. Our track record of producing hundreds of toppers proves that no matter what people try hard to create negative perception, proves that we have succeeded in creating a very conducive environment for serious aspirants to prepare at our institution and reach their goal.


We have answered this question in the above FAQ. But if you need more convincing, read below:

Within a short span of our existence, we have produced ranks 1,3, 8 and many other top 100 ranks. These ranks were produced when students were part of our programs. Usually institutions claim ranks of successful candidates even when they are no more part of their institution. To InsightsIAS students come from all parts of India and come after getting coaching from reputed institutions. This is because they believe that our rigorous regime of tests and honest feedback system under the guidance of our director Vinay Sir is unparalleled and result-driven. And their faith is getting fulfilled every year through our stellar results (This year i.e. CSE-2018, Rank 17 Rahul joined our core batch and mains test series after having failed 3 times previously – today he has scored one of the highest marks in GS+Essay. This is just one story. Read articles under our toppers section) Also watch Video testimonials of our toppers HERE.

Even today more than 10 toppers and hundreds of students who have given interviews and written Mains are studying at our institution. This is testimony to the fact that ultimately it’s results which attract serious students to InsightsIAS. 

With the beginning of OGP-2020, core batch – 2020 and Mains test series programs at InsightsIAS you will get everything under one roof. We are starting classes for optional such as Anthropology, Kannada Literature, Geography, Public Administration etc too. Why go to Delhi and come back when you can get everything here at Insights?

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Honest answer to this question is as follows:

getting a rank in UPSC civil services exam depends on various factors such as your personality, understanding of basics and depth of syllabus related content, your hold on Optional subject, your writing skills in Essay and general studies answers, your ability to withstand criticism and persevere, your patience and your determination.

At OGP we will start with basics first. The we will do the advanced stuff through tests. Then there will be hundreds of tests that are given to students of various offline and online programs – which will be made available to you. Then there are personal issues that you will keep facing – which will help you grow if you learn lessons from problems you keep facing. We at Insights are best when it comes to guiding in Essay, Ethics and Interview (personality test). Add to this overall best guidance that’s given without having any other agenda.

The point is, at Insights we have everything for an aspirant to crack this exam. What is needed is your smartness, persistence and patience to MAKE USE OF THESE AVAILABLE things to the maximum.

Average and insecure students keep complaining no matter you give them everything. UPSC rejects such people in one or the other stage. Serious students, who are independent minded – don’t blame others or complain, they silently make use of available resources and succeed – then shock everyone, especially those who make huge noise pretending to be serious ones. This has been our observation and experience so far. So, don’t listen to people who make noise.

Coming to the question – Yes, you will get rank if your use our program wisely. You will not get if you are here expecting spoon feeding at all stages and never realise the importance of kind of guidance that’s given here.

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Our classes for OGP-202 Program will be designed in the following way:

For a batch we will teach one subject at a time. For example, if we start with Indian Polity, this subject will be first completed and then other subject will be taught. Meanwhile there will be tests at regular intervals to test student’s progress.

In a class, a lesson will be taught keeping in mind three aspects: Previous Year prelims questions; Previous year Mains questions; and focus on imparting conceptual clarity to strengthen basics.

Keeping these three aspects as primary pillars, teacher will teach and guide students in class on how to use content to solve MCQs and answer mains questions on a regular basis. At the end of the class teacher will distribute hand-outs of important facts for every class. Teacher will also ask you to read specific sources for the next class.

Once the class is over student is expected to read, revise and memorise class-notes and related textbooks.

We will be emphasising more on revisions. Regular revisions will help you score better in our tests. Good scores will keep motivation and confidence always high.

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You will have a class of 3 hours duration 5 Days a week. Remaining time you have for revision of classes and to study Optional subject. You will have to daily give at least 4 hours to Optional preparation. Your target must be to complete optional preparation by December 2019.

As you will not have to prepare separately for test series and classes, you will get adequate time to prepare for Optional. This is assured.

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InsightsIAS OGP-2020 is meant for freshers. We have different programs meant for different category of students. For people who have finished coaching can opt for mains test series. Those who have narrowly missed ranks can go for core batch.

Those who want to do self study without classes can go for offline prelims test series.

All programs are conducted with passion. In OGP you will have chance to write an entrance and graduate to Core Batch.

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To stay on top of your game you need to do few basic things:

  1. Stay away from negative people. Insulate yourself from all distractions and never ever listen to any other guidance than that is given by your trusted mentors i.e. InsightsIAS
  2. You MUST revise class notes and current affairs on daily basis. Staying consistent, even if you study for less than 8 hours a day, will ensure that you are always on top.
  3. In the beginning you will struggle. You will take many hours to understand the basics. But never give up and go for short cut. It’s is when you are low that you tend to listen to people’s suggestions that have an agenda and end up a failure
  4. Make your own notes and memorise them on regular basis. Don’t keep making notes every day without reading the old ones.
  5. Give tests regularly even if you haven’t prepared well. This will help you stay ahead as you will know what mistakes you are making. People who do not make mistakes will never grow.
  6. Have only one or two friends who are equal minded.
  7. Any fellow aspirant who gives you guidance, suggestion or feedback is your competitor. Never listen to what they say. Very rarely you are given right suggestions. What’s their incentive to guide you correctly (unless you are their boyfriend/girlfriend)
  8. Don’t be lured by too many sources and advertisements. Keep sources minimal and preparation simple. You will be surprised that you will clear this exam in first or very few attempts.
  9. Trust our timetable blindly and give everything to it. Journey becomes simple and enjoyable.
  10. You will have to trust your own abilities. Never doubt yourself. Keep in touch with us to know how you are doing. We will help you stay on top.

Finally, entering core batch from OGP will be a big thing. You will be competing with very experienced candidates. From day one of OGP make learning a habit. You will not be overwhelmed when you enter core batch.

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You can go through following post to read about OGP details and also download Timetables

Click HERE

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It is one of the best in India. Even most reputed institutions do not have infrastructure the InsightsIAS boasts of.

You can have a glimpse of our infrastructure in the following video.

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You will continue to be our student till you get rank. We will guide you for free of cost even after you pass out of OGP-2020.

In case you would like to join Mains test series, it will be made available to good discount. If in case you want to attend classes in future – it will FREE of cost.

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