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InsightsIAS Offline Guidance Program (OGP) – 2020 Classroom Program: Admissions Open (Details and Timetable)


InsightsIAS Offline Guidance Program (OGP) – 2020 Classroom Program

Admissions Open (Click Here)

(Details and Timetable)


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From this year we are starting THREE programs for THREE different set of aspirants of UPSC civil services exam. One of these programs, the Insights OGP – 2020 Classroom program is meant for completely Freshers, or for those who have been struggling with UPSC preparation on their own through trial and error methods.

Other TWO programs are: Core Batch – 2020 and Super Core Batch – 2020. These are meant for experienced candidates who have given at least one Mains/Interview, or have got ranks but are preparing again to improve their rank, respectively. In these two batches there will be NO teaching. Preparation will be done through self study, series of intensive tests, test discussions, feedback and regular interaction with mentors. 

Whereas in OGP-2020 classroom program, there will be Teaching. Teachers will teach basics to advanced concepts to students during first six months. In addition there will be regular full length Prelims and Mains tests as well which will help evaluate and assess preparation level of our OGP-2020 students. Add to this regular guidance given by our experienced faculty which forms backbone of this classroom program.

Without complicating, going back to our motto of ‘Simplifying UPSC IAS Exam Preparation’ – the Insights OGP – 2020 classroom program is designed in such a way that anyone who becomes part of the program will feel confident of clearing prelims by the end of the Program. 

Over last six months we have hired best faculty to impart high quality teaching to our students. As you might be already aware, our Prelims and Mains test series are the best in the market. These will be made available to you with regular evaluation and feedback.

The program will give you a year-long timetable. It’s so detailed that every aspect of Mains cum Prelims syllabus is divided into sub-topics, and all these topics will  be taught in the class. 

Simplifying the entire program, we will help you finish one subject at a time. For example, if  program starts with Polity classes for your batch,  entire polity will be completed and tests will be conducted on polity classes. This means, you will have to compulsorily do self study as well. Your scores in each test at the end of each module will tell you where you stand.

With every passing week as part of our OGP-2020 you will feel that gaps in your preparation are being filled by our faculty through their expert classes and guidance. This gives you much needed confidence to crack this exam. 

Completion of UPSC civil services syllabus subject-wise will give you clarity and helps you make notes in a very organised way. In addition, our high quality tests will let you stay consistent in attending classes or do the self-study part regularly. 


As some of you will be ambitious and want to crack this exam in 1-2 attempts, we will be conducting an entrance exam for OGP-2020 students in the month of December 2019 to select top 50 students to give them FREE pass to be part of our Core Batch – 2020 (read its details here).  As there is very tough competition to be in the coveted core batch, our OGP-2020 provides you a unique opportunity not only to gain entry to the core batch, but also an incentive to do well in your exam preparation and be on top of the competition.

Though OGP-2020 will have tests, they will not be as intensive as core batch tests. Being a fresher, you will need to first strengthen your basics and then go on to give regular tests. You must realise that this exam is a long-term gamble and prepare accordingly. Our OGP-2020 program will provide you a very solid FOUNDATION to conquer this exam either in first or later attempts. 

Features of Insights OGP-2020 Classroom Program:

  1. Exhaustive Timetable to discipline your preparation throughout the year
  2. Emphasis on BASICS through mix of classroom teaching and self study
  3. Classroom handouts cum questionnaires in every class
  4. Value added materials for static and current affairs 
  5. Regular Full Length Prelims and Mains mocks
  6. Doubt resolution classes
  7. Availability of teachers for doubt-clarification
  8. Invaluable guidance from Toppers and teachers through regular interactive sessions
  9. Access to hundreds of Insights Tests for extra practice
  10. Good discounts in Mains and subsequent test series
  11. Optional subject is NOT part of OGP-2020. We will not provide any Optional guidance or test series. However, we will conduct Optional classes for Optional subjects such as Anthropology, Kannada Literature, Geography, Public Administration – for which you will have to pay separately. 

More than anything, at InsightsIAS we genuinely care for every student and we never treat any of our students as customers. It is no surprise that our institution has created so much goodwill and the kind of love we receive from our students is unmatched. Today, our website is the most visited website among all UPSC related, in fact, among education related websites in India (check here)

You, by becoming part of our OGP program will become member of our vast family of toppers and would be toppers. 

There is NO fixed criteria to become part of OGP 2020. You will get ample time to prepare for Optional and CSAT too. This program is best suited for freshers and students who want to do a course correction by starting preparation from basics.

The OGP-2020 Timetable

The OGP 2020 Timetable is very simple yet effective which helps you complete syllabus without complicating the preparation. We have learnt from our experiences that keeping preparation simple is the most effective way to get best results. We will be teaching you the art of answer writing and essay writing in classes, which require critical thinking. This part of preparation is best done by first completing basics and then going for linkages. Please read how some of our toppers have done exceptionally well in GS + Essay papers (here). Our tips which are simple will help you overcome various issues associated with UPSC civil services exam preparation. 

Download the Timetable Here 

(Program starts on July 3. Updated Timetable will be posted soon)

Duration of the course

The program starts on 03 July 2019 and ENDS on third week of May 2020 (11 Months)

Our Office Address and Location 

Admissions will take place at our TWO offices:

InsightsIAS OGP Centre:


InsightsIAS Test Centre:


Visiting Hours: 10 am to 6 pm on weekdays. Sunday is Holiday.


You can make payment either online or offline using the link below. 

Online Payment:

You will have to make payment ONLY through NEFT option. . 

Once you make the payment, you will get online receipt and confirmation of payment. You may either come now and join reading room to start your preparation taking guidance from us; or you may come few days before the program’s starting date and complete other formalities at the institution. 

Offline Payment

You have the option of making payment at the institution too. In the below form (and also in previous post) we have given TWO addresses where you will have to make the payment and complete other admission formalities.


We have hired new set of thoroughly experienced faculties for OGP-2020 who will be fully involved in teaching and guiding OGP students till the end of the program. 



GS papers Subjects Names Experience
Essay Essay + Motivation + Overall Strategy Vinay Sir 8+ Years of teaching; Founder and Director of InsightsIAS
GS 1 Geography (India & the World) Sudeep Kumar Sir 5+ Years Teaching Experience in Geography Optional
Indian Heritage & Culture + Society Vivek Sir 4+ Years of Teaching experience + IAS Topper with Rank 257 (CSE-2018)
Modern India Pradeep Sir 4+ Years of Teaching experience + 2 UPSC Interviews
Ancient India + Medieval India + World History Farees Rahman Sir 3+ Years of Teaching Experience + 2 UPSC Interviews
GS 2 Polity & Governance Manjunath Sir 2+ Years of Teaching experience + 6 UPSC Mains
Polity & Governance Krupal Sir 4+ Years of Teaching experience + 4 UPSC Interviews
International Relations Shashank Sir 2+ Years of Teaching Experience + 3 UPSC Interviews
Social Justice Vivek Sir 4+ Years of Teaching experience + IAS Topper with Rank 257 (CSE-2018)
GS 3 Environment & Ecology + Science and Technology Thanmay Sir 4+ years of Teaching experience + 2 UPSC Interviews
Economy Sailesh Sir 3+ Years of Teaching experience + 6 UPSC Mains
Economy Rajendra Sir 10+ Years of Teaching experience
Security + Disaster Management Pradeep Sir 4+ Years of Teaching experience + 2 UPSC Interviews
GS 4 Ethics , Integrity & Aptitude Shruthi Ma’am 2+ Years of Mentoring experience + UPSC Ethics Topper in CSE-2016

In addition to above faculties, we will have a set of mentors and standby faculties who will make sure that the Timetable is smoothly followed without any glitches. And of course there will be regular interaction with UPSC toppers. 


In a single batch there will be around 200 students. Each batch will act as single unit and will not have anything to do with other batches.



We have our own hostel facilities only for girl students. This facility is available on first come, first served basis. You may contact for further details.

For boys, we will facilitate hostel facilities with our partner hostels in the vicinity of the institution.


Cost of Living in Bangalore

  1. Including food and accommodation, minimum cost will be around Rs 10,000/- per month. There are numerous north and south Indian restaurants and messes located next to our OGP centre. Food will not be an issue.
  2. Maximum temperature during summer in Bangalore hovers around 36 degree celsius. Most of the year weather is very pleasant and you have plenty of public parks in case you need regular dose of fresh air.
  3. We have air conditioned reading rooms available only for InisghtsIAS students. Availability will be based on first come, first served basis. Monthly Fees is around Rs 1450/-. 

Admission Form and Payment Link

Please click the link below and follow the instructions:

InsightsIAS OGP-2020 Admission Form