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UPDATE: Insights 75 Days Revision Plan for UPSC Civil Services Exam – 2019


Insights 75 Days Revision Plan for UPSC Civil Services Exam – 2019


Like previous years, this year too we are starting comprehensive Revision Plan that spans over 75 days. This will start from March 15. 

We will post the Detailed Timetable on March 14. 

This timetable will help you revise all important sources – Insights Test Series, Current Affairs, Quizzes, Revision modules, Standard textbooks and previous year UPSC  papers in a very disciplined manner. Emphasis will be more on multiple revisions of limited sources.

And yes, every day we will be posting 25 revision questions that are based on the sources mentioned in the Timetable. Keeping in mind UPSC Prelims – 2018, questions will be framed to test your  understanding of key concepts and facts. Questions will test both in-depth understanding and broad dimensions of related concepts. We will also test your inquisitiveness i.e. your ability in going beyond a fixed source and learning related concepts and facts through limited research. 

Overall, the purpose of the timetable will be to help you revise comprehensively and thereby gain much needed confidence before the Prelims. You will have to dedicatedly follow the plan to realise its potential. 

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please provide them in the comments section. Thank you.