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Agri-Market Infrastructure Fund (AMIF)

Topics Covered:

  1. transport and marketing of agricultural produce and issues and related constraints; e-technology in the aid of farmers.


Agri-Market Infrastructure Fund (AMIF)


What to study?

For Prelims and Mains: Agri-Market Infrastructure Fund (AMIF)- objectives, features and significance.


Context: The Cabinet Committee of Economic Affairs has given its approval for the creation of a corpus of Rs. 2000 crore for Agri-Market Infrastructure Fund (AMIF).


About Agri-Market Infrastructure Fund (AMIF):

  1. The fund will be created with NABARD for development and up-gradation of agricultural marketing infrastructure in Gramin Agricultural Markets and Regulated Wholesale Markets.
  2. AMIF will provide the State/UT Governments subsidized loan for their proposal for developing marketing infrastructure in 585 Agriculture Produce Market Committees (APMCs) and 10,000 Grameen Agricultural Markets (GrAMs).
  3. States may also access AMIF for innovative integrated market infrastructure projects including Hub and Spoke mode and in Public Private Partnership mode.