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3) DAY-NRLM has played a significant role in reducing poverty in India, in the recent years. Discuss.(250 words)

Topic– Issues relating to poverty and hunger.

3) DAY-NRLM has played a significant role in reducing poverty in India, in the recent years. Discuss.(250 words)


Directive word

Discuss- this is an all-encompassing directive which mandates us to write in detail about the key demand of the question. we also have to discuss about the related and important aspects of the question in order to bring out a complete picture of the issue in hand.

Key demand of the question.

The question wants us to write in detail about the DAY-NRLM and the role played by the programme in reducing poverty in India. We have to highlight the aim of the programme and the recent achievements which have helped in reducing poverty in India.

Structure of the answer

Introduction– write a few introductory lines about the  DAY-NRLM. E.g DAY-NRLM is aimed at alleviation of rural poverty through building sustainable community institutions of the poor. It seeks to mobilize about 9 crore households into SHGs and link them to sustainable livelihood opportunities by building their skills and enabling them to access formal sources of finance, entitlements and services from both public and private sectors.


Discuss in points the achievements of the programme in recent years. E.g

  • Mission Footprint under which additional blocks have been covered under the “Intensive” strategy.
  • Community Institution Building under which Self Help Group (SHGs) across the country have been mobilized.
  • Financial Inclusion by giving loans to SHGs.
  • Financial Services in Remote Areas: steps have also been taken to promote alternate models for delivery of financial services. About 3050 SHG members have been deployed as Banking Correspondents Agents (BCAs) to provide last mile financial services including deposit, credit, remittance, disbursement of old age pensions and scholarships, payment of MGNREGA wages and enrolment under insurance and pension schemes.
  • Mahila Kisan Shashaktikaran Pariyojana and Value Chain Initiatives: In order to promote agro-ecological practices that increase women farmers’ income and reduce their input costs and risks etc.

Conclusion– based on your discussion, form a fair and a balanced conclusion on the given issue.