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SC Dismisses pleas on Appointment of DGPs

Topics Covered:

  1. Separation of powers between various organs dispute redressal mechanisms and institutions.
  2. Statutory, regulatory and various quasi-judicial bodies.


SC Dismisses pleas on Appointment of DGPs


What to study?

  • For Prelims: Appointment of DGPs- role of UPSC.
  • For Mains: Issues related and views of Supreme Court.


Context: The Supreme Court has dismissed the pleas of the states of Punjab, Kerala, West Bengal, Haryana and Bihar which sought implementation of their local laws regarding the selection and appointment of DGPs.

  • Supreme Court held that the directions of the court on selection and appointment of DGPs were issued in larger public interest and to protect the police officials from political interference.


Directions issued by the Supreme Court in appointing DGPs:

  • States and Union Territories shall send names of senior police officers to the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) for being considered as probable candidates for the post of DGPs or police commissioners.
  • The UPSC would then prepare a list of three most suitable candidates out of the list of names sent by states and Union Territories.
  • The states are free to appoint any one of them as the police chief.

It is mandatory for the states to send the list of senior police officers to the UPSC at least three months prior to the retirement of the incumbent. The UPSC would then form a committee and intimate the state concerned, which in turn will immediately appoint one of the persons from among that list.


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