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5) Our Indian Education system needs serious reforms and changes. Comment. (250 words)

Topic –  Part of static series under the heading – “issues related to education”

5) Our Indian Education system needs serious reforms and changes. Comment. (250 words)


Key demand of the question

The question expects us to bring out the issues in Indian education system and suggest reforms that would make education outcomes more in tune with the needs of the nation.

Directive word

Comment – When you are asked to comment, you have to pick main points and give your ‘opinion’ on them based on evidences or arguments stemming from your wide reading. Your opinion may be for or against, but you must back your argument with evidences.

Structure of the answer

Introduction – Mention that to reap the demographic dividend, education and skilling should be two main focus area.


  • Discuss the various issues in education sector such as
    • Lack of hands on knowledge and emphasis on theoretical knowledge and rote learning
    • Indian education and social arrangements are very inflexible on kids and completely ignore their feelings, thoughts and ambitions.
    • one of the lowest public expenditure rates on education per student, especially compared to other Asian countries like China.
    • Education in most schools is one dimensional, with an obsessive focus on marks. Added to this is the lack of availability of trained teachers at all levels. Quality teachers are the missing link in the Indian education system.
  • Discuss the impact of such issues with the education system
  • Suggest reforms which would enable India to improve the education outcomes

Conclusion – It is time that India began viewing school education as a critical strategic investment and gave it the status of a vital infrastructure project. As all in-country efforts have failed, we should go in for a radical overhaul of our educational infrastructure with the help of countries that have an amazing record in providing quality school education — Finland, for instance.