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Topics Covered:

  1. Awareness in space.



What to study?

  • Static Part: About HysIS, objectives and significance.
  • Dynamic and Current: India’s space capabilities and its significance.


Context: HysIS, the country’s first hyperspectral imaging satellite for advanced Earth observation, is slated for the launch. About 30 small satellites of foreign customers will be its co-passengers on the PSLV launcher, numbered C-43.


About HysIS and its significance:

  • The primary goal of HysIS is to study the Earth’s surface in visible, near-infrared and shortwave infrared regions of the electromagnetic spectrum.
  • HysIS will be ISRO’s first full-scale working satellite with this capability. While the technology has been around, not many space agencies have working satellites with hyperspectral imaging cameras as yet.
  • A hyperspectral imaging camera in space can provide well-defined images that can help to identify objects on Earth far more clearly than regular optical or remote sensing cameras.
  • The technology will be an added advantage of watching over India from space for a variety of purposes such as defence, agriculture, land use, minerals and so on.

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