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Open Transit Data platform

Topics covered:

  1. e-governance- applications, models, successes, limitations, and potential.
  2. Awareness in the fields of IT.


Open Transit Data platform


What to study?

  • Static Part: Key features of the platform, its objectives and uses.
  • Dynamic and Current: Significance of the platform, its role in mitigating environmental problems and increasing transparency.


Context: To increase transparency and build transport solutions, the transport department of the Delhi government has launched the Open Transit Data platform which provides real-time datasets free of cost.


About the Open Transit Data Platform:

  • Through this the government aims to provide real-time data which can be used by third party app developers and researchers. This includes geo-coordinates of all bus stops, route maps, timetables as well as the real time GPS feeds of bus locations which will be updated every 10 seconds.
  • The portal was designed and developed by IIIT Delhi on behalf of the Delhi government. The government believes that application developer and researchers would be able to use the data for bringing out transport solutions.



It is a major step to promote collaboration and co-creation of innovative and inclusive transport solutions for the people of Delhi. This initiative will provide a lot of useful information at the fingertips of citizens and encourage more and more people to switch to public transport, thereby impacting pollution.

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