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6) Solving the open defecation challenge requires an investment in technology. Examine.(250 words)

Topic – Science and Technology- developments and their applications and effects in everyday life

6) Solving the open defecation challenge requires an investment in technology. Examine.(250 words)

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Why this question

Bill and Melinda Gates foundation has done some exemplary work in ensuring that the sustainable development goals related to sanitation do not just remain a pipe dream. The technological innovation brought in by them is important particularly for India considering our very own swachh Bharat abhiyan as the well as the socio economic costs that we pay on account of poor sanitation.

Key demand of the question

The question expects us to first highlight the status quo wrt sanitation and highlight that the goal is to achieve sanitation related targets in SDG. Thereafter, we need to explain why technological solution is the way to go. Next we need to explain the kind of technology developed by BMCG and how they can find application in India.

Directive word

Examine – When you are asked to examine, you have to probe deeper into the topic,  get into details, and find out the causes or implications if any.

Structure of the answer

Introduction – Explain about the SDG target related to sanitation and the target of ODF in India.


  • Discuss the status quo with respect to sanitation and highlight the socio economic damages that it causes.
  • Explain how technology can help in resolving this issue. Discuss the innovations which have com out of BMCG such as Multi-User Reinvented Toilets which solves many of the issues faced in installation and use of toilets especially in countries such as India
  • Using experience from swachh Bharat mission, explain how we are also working on deploying technologies like waterless urinals etc and these innovations will help us in saving time by not reinventing the wheel

Conclusion – emphasize on the gravity of the problem and highlight how technology can come to the aid.