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PIB: (19th November 2018) SIMBEX 2018

PIB: (19th November 2018) SIMBEX 2018 – 25 Glorious Years and Counting (Ministry of Defence)


SIMBEX – Singapore India Maritime Bilateral Exercise is a naval exercise between two navies in the Andaman Sea and Bay of Bengal.

It is an unprecedented level of interoperability, where ships, submarines and aircraft of India and Singapore will participate in multi-dimensional exercises at sea with perhaps very high degree of complexity.

At the mark of 25th anniversary of SIMBEX, this year, the exercises are being conducted in four phases, two each in harbors’ of Port Blair and Visakhapatnam, and two sea phases in the Bay of Bengal.

On 19th November, the Silver Jubilee Commemoration Ceremony would be held at Naval Dockyard, Visakhapatnam. The SIMBEX logo and the release of commemorative Indian Special Postage Cover and Singporean Postage Stamp will be witnessed on the symbol of growing trust and comfort levels between the two navies.  

This release of Postal Cover and Stamp by Indian and Singaporean Postal department highlights the significance of this historic occasion between the two nations.

After the initial harbor phase at Port Blair, the exercises have shifted to the second harbor phase at Visakhapatnam [home of Eastern Naval Command (ENC)].


  • In June 2018, the Prime Ministers of both India and Singapore, on the sidelines of the Shangri La Dialogue (held at Singapore) had remarked that they looked forward to the 25th and enhanced edition of bilateral annual naval exercise SIMBEX.
  • They signed several agreements including those under the ‘Defence and Strategic Partnership Sectors’.
  • The most important agreement was the “Implementation Agreement between Indian Navy and Republic of Singapore Navy concerning Mutual Coordination, Logistics and Services Support for Naval Ships”, Submarines and Naval Aircraft (including Ship borne Aviation Assets) visits. This agreement has facilitated deployment of naval assets from bases of the other through logistics and services support.
  • Apart from that, the Indian Navy has recently inducted its own DSRV (Deep-Submergence Rescue Vehicle) and proved the capability at sea on the western seaboard.

First Occasion with High Level Ministerial Presence

The high intensity final sea phase of the exercises will be held on 19th November in the presence of Defence Ministers of both India and Singapore along with the Naval Chiefs of both the nations. This is the first such occasion, having high level ministerial level presence from both countries would take place at sea.

Signature Event

  • Adding to the number of Operational Conferences on planning and preparing for the final sea phase (scheduled from 19 – 21 Nov), friendly Volleyball and Basketball matches would be conducted.
  • The highlight is the participation of personnel from RSN (Republic of Singapore Navy) in the Vizag-Navy Marathon on 18 November off RK Beach. It is a signature event in Andhra Pradesh, and Visakhapatnam’s largest community event with participants from armed forces, corporate sector, government sector, educational institutions including international participants.
  • This event attracts tourists from other states and countries.
  • Personnel from the RSN would be participating in the 10K Friendship Run, followed by personnel from Singapore Navy also savoured the local culture and cuisine during their stay at Visakhapatnam.