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Insights Weekly Essay Challenges 2018 – Week 44: Management of Indian border disputes – a complex task

Insights Weekly Essay Challenges 2018 – Week 44


04 November 2018

Write an essay on the following topic in not more than 1000-1200 words:


Management of Indian border disputes – a complex task

Hint to Topic:

Focus should be more on ‘Management‘ aspect rather than writing more on physical features or geopolitical issues. 


  • Start brainstorming on the topic. Understand demand of the topic correctly by reading it many times. Understand what should be the focus area of your essay. Here, in this essay you should discuss why it’s  ‘a complex task’ to manage disputes related to Indian borders. 
  • Can you take a stand such as ‘It’s not a complex task to manage Indian border disputes’ ? – yes, but let it logically flow into conclusion. Or you may just choose to go with the topic as it makes more sense (as it’s indeed a complex task – if it was easy India would have been a far better place to live!)
  • While brainstorming, identify core themes – here, you can divide essay based on borders between India and its neighbours; or broadly identify themes such as Geopolitical interests; Historical blunders; Resources; Climate and weather; Ethnic issues; Terrorism; Insurgency; Political will; failures of diplomacy etc – and then under these themes discuss relevant disputes and highlight why it’s complex issue to resolve disputes.
  • The second way of categorisation comes across as more mature and will not look like lengthy GS kind of answer!
  • After introduction, write a thesis statement (if you want to take a stand) stating what’s going to be your central argument and how you are going to defend it (in 2-3 lines)
  • In the body, identify 6-7 broad dimensions as highlighted above 
  • Write suggestions either at the end or under each dimensions if they suit there. 
  • While writing various dimensions, make sure they are relevant to the topic in question. Under each dimension, weave arguments and interlink them to make it appear comprehensive. 
  • Can you add map? Yes, feel free to add map to this essay and refer to those map/maps in your writing. But refrain from drawing other diagrams and flow charts. 
  • Use stats and data to support or validate your statements/arguments. 
  • Explore temporal and spatial dimensions within each themes/dimensions. 
  • Make your essay engaging and interesting. Be articulate in your language. If you show interest in your writing, your writing will be interesting to the reader (at least in most cases!)
  • In the conclusion give a positive outlook about a future where we might resolve border disputes; or give a grim picture of what might ensue for India and its neighbours if they don’t resolve these disputes.