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MAINS TEST SERIES 2019: Three and Half Months Plan – Detailed Timetable



Three and Half Months Plan – Detailed Timetable


Thanks for the great response. Here we are posting detailed timetable for the 3.5 Months duration Mains Test Series (read about it here) to give you more clarity. As we have posted earlier, this test series is for those who want to improve their answer writing skills by end of January 2019 itself.

Download Detailed Timetable for this mains test series HERE

As you may be aware by now that this test series is flexible. You can enrol anytime and submit copies any day before January 25, 2019 to get your copies evaluated. We wish to give you the best possible feedback to help you improve with problems you have been facing with answer writing (including Essay). 

This test series is available both Online and Offline. For ONLINE registration, please click here. For offline registration, please visit our centre. 

UPDATE: Details of Year long test series for Mains 2019 will be posted Tonight by 10.30 pm.

For any queries please contact: