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MOTIVATION: Civil Services Mains Exam – 2018

We will keep this post brief and to the point.

The point is when you walk into the examination hall tomorrow, be completely yourself – as you would be around your loved ones; as you would be when you are listening to your favourite music or while watching favourite movie; or as you would be while reading your all time favourite book. The point is, you will do extraordinarily well when your mind is free and relaxed. 

Don’t worry about what kind of topics you may face tomorrow: Assume topics will be difficult. Shock UPSC by writing well on these difficult topics. You can write many things on anything provided your mind is free and focused, and indulgent during those three hours. Go with the belief that you can do wonders even when the odds are against you. Go with the strong belief that you have in it to turn things in your favour. 

The point (another point) is, it’s time to perform. Move away from ‘preparation’ phase. Jump into ‘performance’ phase. When you are thinking about which current affair to cover, or which fact to study, you are not focusing on ‘performing’ tomorrow. At this moment, you must solely focus on how to make use of things which you already know. Of course there will be last minute things to do – but keep thinking about how you can snatch rank from your competitors in those three hours. Every minute is extremely important in the exam hall. Let your focus be only on maximising marks. 

Finally – this is your moment. It’s your chance to fulfil your dream. Don’t let anxiety, confusions, fear, pressure, poor health – affect your performance tomorrow. You have the will to insulate yourself from everything that’s negative. Nobody puts pressure on you. Nobody scares you. It’s YOU who does. Walk with confidence. Defeat all that’s negative.

September 28 to October 7 are the days that will decide your rank in this exam (not life). Give everything you have to get your rank. Don’t give up till you are satisfied that you have given more than 100 percent. 

Whatever be the result in the end. You should not regret later for not doing well now – whatever be the reason. 

We wish you all the best and sincerely hope that you will perform very well in all the papers. 

“With confidence, you have won before you have started.” – Marcus Garvey