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3) Signing the COMCASA agreement is really a matter of when rather than if for India. Critically examine.(250 words)

Topic– Bilateral, regional and global groupings and agreements involving India and/or affecting India’s interests

3) Signing the COMCASA agreement is really a matter of when rather than if for India. Critically examine.(250 words)


Why this question

The article explains the 4 major pillars of India us defence partnership and presents a critical analysis of signing the COMCASA Agreement. India has recently signed the LEMOA agreement and COMCASA is next on the cards. This article is thus important from GS2 perspective.

Key demand of the question

The question expects us to explain the major pillars of defence partnership between India and US, particularly COMCASA. Thereafter, we need to highlight the pros and cons of joining COMCASA and finally, give a fair and balanced opinion on what India’s future course of action might be and should be.

Directive word

Critically examine – When you are asked to examine, you have to probe deeper into the topic,  get into details, and find out the causes or implications if any . When ‘critically’ is suffixed or prefixed to a directive, all you need to do is look at the good and bad of something and give a fair judgement.

Structure of the answer

Introduction – Explain the major pillars of deepening defence cooperation between and USA. Explain that India has just signed LEMOA, and COMCASA is next in line.


  • Give a brief background of India USA relations , highlighting the history of cooperation and contradictions
  • Give opinion in favour of signing the COMCASA. divide the answer into components such as strategic and political – mention that without COMCASA the defence imports received from USA have been stripped down versions of original, will enable India to become close partners of USA’s Free and open indo pacific strategy, logical conclusion to recent developments in India USA partnership after LEMOA, STA -1 status etc
  • Give opinion against the signing of COMCASA – issues it would create in balancing relations with other major strategic partners like Russia etc, facilitate vertical and horizontal penetration by the US of India’s most sensitive government and military communications grids, including the nuclear Strategic Forces Command etc

Conclusion – Give a fair and balanced opinion on what India should do and discuss the way forward.