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7) Discuss the difference between the code of ethics and the code of conduct.(250 words)

TopicInformation sharing and transparency in government, Right to Information, Codes of Ethics, Codes of Conduct, Citizen’s Charters, Work culture, Quality of service delivery, Utilization of public funds, challenges of corruption.

7) Discuss the difference between the code of ethics and the code of conduct.(250 words)



Why this question

Both of these are important concept which share some similarities and several differences which need to be discussed upon.

Directive word

Discuss- This is an all-encompassing directive which mandates us to write in detail about the key demand of the question.

Key demand of the question.

The question wants us to simply bring out in detail the differences between the Code of Ethics and the Code of Conduct.

Structure of the answer

Introduction- Mention that both  Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct are similar as they are used in an attempt to encourage specific forms of behaviour by employees. However, the two have several differences between them.


Discuss the differences between the two. E.g define both the terms in order to clarify their meaning.

An aspirational document, issued by the higher level management/ board of directors containing core ethical values, principles and ideals of the organization is Code of Ethics while as a directional document containing specific practices and behavior, that are followed or restricted under the organization is Code of Conduct; the former is general and wide in nature while as the later is specific and narrow in range; COE governs decision making while as COC governs actions;  Code of Conduct are originated from the code of ethics, and it converts the rules into specific guidelines, that must be followed by the members of the organisation;COE is focussed on values and principles while as COC is focussed on compliance and rules etc.

Conclusion- sum up your discussion in a few lines and form a fair and a balanced conclusion on the above issue.