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SYNOPSIS: Insights 70 Days Ethics Plan – Day – 18


Insights 70 Days Ethics Plan 

Day – 18

  1. One of your friend, who is 30 year old, is cynical about elections and politics. He believes that there is no point in voting when all political parties want is indulging in grabbing power and resorting to unconstitutional methods to stay in power. He has not voted in any election. And he intends to not to vote in any future election. He has been an influential voice among his friends and family members. He seems to be adamant with his views.

a) How will you persuade him to change his mind? Evaluate merits and demerits of your options.


With a government elected by its citizens and that effects every aspect of our lives from schools to health care to homeland security, voting is an important right in our society. By voting, you are making your voice heard and registering your opinion on how you think the government should operate.

  1. I will try to make him understand the importance of voting as by not voting he is not exercising his right of choosing the best alternative and leaving the responsibility for others. If he understands this perspective as he is an influential speaker he can even encourage others to vote in elections. If the person he votes does not come to power or only makes efforts to consolidate power rather than work in public interest my friend might lose trust in the system.
  2. There are both good and bad candidates in every party .Terming all politicians in a adverse and derogatory manner is a constraint. So I would try to convince by showing him the good work of the politicians over the years and tell him that because people voted they have come to power .If none of the citizens voted democracy would not have existed in the first place.
  3. Also I would try to elaborate him on the safeguards and checks by the judicial system if elections are not conducted properly. Similarly Election commission takes multiple initiatives to ensure elections are done in a transparent way. In order to bring the social change first we need to participate. So my friend might understand this. I would follow the mix of all these options to ensure he votes.

2) Your son who is pursuing engineering in a prestigious college has reported to you that many of his friends have been buying illicit drugs and many of them have become addicts. He has told you that despite efforts by college administration and police, students are able to access drugs online or through certain unknown sources. He has told you that even he was forced once to take these drugs. However, he has kept such friends at distance since then. But these friends have been harassing and bullying him for many days. Your son now doesn’t want to continue his studies in that college. But the college has hundred percent placement record with top companies.

a) Discuss the ethical issues involved in this case.

b) Evaluate merits and demerits of your options and justify which option is most suitable in this case to help your son deal with the situation.


Drug menace has been rampant in Indian colleges. The stakeholders in the case study are my son, myself, other students ,college authorities etc.

A)Ethical issues involved in this case are educated students forgetting their responsibility to study and be ethical vs getting addicted to drugs, harassment and bullying vs standing up for oneself, inefficiency of the college administration in tackling this issue.

B)I have the following options:-

  1. I would convey this issue to the college authorities and ensure that they take serious action to ensure the college is drug free. College authorities can ensure for a firm curriculum, a compulsory course or a semester highlighting not just the medical and psychosocial evils of drug abuse, but avenues to combat such temptations, retreats to seek refuge. Similarly teaching and non-teaching staff can implement actionable points of the National Policy on Narcotic Drugs & Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) to tackle the problem of sale of the drug to school and college children.

The teachers should look for early signs that may indicate the student is addicted to drugs like being an absentee, sudden drop in grades, being an introvert, weakness and sudden weight loss and pale eyes. As there is a clear line of approach college can enforce this and drug menace can reduce and students can act responsibly.

2.I would make my son quit this college. This would temporarily relieve my son of the bullying and being forced to use drugs but there is no guarantee that the next college he goes is drug free, his education in this college has gone waste etc .Also when my son is in difficult position it is my duty to ensure he faces the problem head on rather than escaping .By quitting this college he is demonstrating escapist attitude. So I would train him to not reduce his self confidence and keep fighting the menace and have self control.

  1. I would try to contact the other students parents who are addicted to drugs and try to impose pressure on their children from their side. There are chances that parents could also alert the college before hand if they see their child hanging around with peers who seem a bad influence and see a changed behaviour in the child. However there is a high chance that parents deny and rather this would complicate the relationship among the students further.
  2. Complaint to the district authorities,media about ensuring drug free environment around the college and track the websites through which the students are gaining access to the drugs. Some of the regulations are to disallow the sale of tobacco within 100 metres around college, training professors to counsel students and run deaddiction campaigns on campus need to be strictly enforced. This would ensure the surrounding areas are also effectively under check .I would try to appeal to the college first but if that does not work I would try to go with the last option and also prepare my son for facing adversities successfully.