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ETHICS – Insights 70 Days Plan: Day – 22

ETHICS – Insights 70 Days Plan

Day – 22

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1Rajiv Mishra is now appointed as the chairman of state public service commission(PSC). The state PSC has been in news for all wrong reasons for past two decades. The new government which vowed to cleanse PSC of all its malpractices and corruption, has appointed Rajiv Mishra considering his impeccable track record of dedication to public service with utmost integrity. On assuming charge and after taking stock of things in the PSC, Rajiv realises that the rot is too deep and it would take huge amount of time and resources to clean the system. Though government has assured its support, Rajiv realises that any bold reforms would invite wrath from many stakeholders. He soon realises that the staff in PSC are utterly un-cooperative and use delaying tactics. His reforms measures are sent to concerned departments for approval – where they are stymied by vested interests.

a) In such a situation like in the above case, how can Rajiv maintain his enthusiasm and not give up on his reforms agenda? Discuss.

b) Reforming corrupt institutions takes lots of courage, determination and also resources. When Rajiv is not getting any support from any corner, should he wage a war on the system? Justify.