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DETAILS: Insights ONLINE Mains Test Series – 2018 with Full Evaluation



Insights ONLINE Mains Test Series with Full Evaluation


Over the years we have gained good amount of experience in correctly identifying mistakes made by aspirants in their general studies answers, essays and ethics papers.  We have also gained expertise in pointing out the same mistakes to candidates thereby helping them improve GS+Essay scores substantially – compared to their scores in previous attempts. However, our experience was limited to offline students alone. 

From this year onwards, we want to make available our experience and knowledge to our online followers too. We have evolved our own evaluation and feedback mechanism which has helped many candidates improve their scores in GS+Essay papers and secure top ranks (Rank-1, Rank-3, Rank-8 etc).

Be sure of improvement in your GS+Essay scores when you get full feedback from our team – which is trained very well in this regard.

The evaluation team is carefully chosen and consists of UPSC toppers and majority of those who have given UPSC civil services interviews 1-2 times. Team also consists of members who have given UPSC Mains at least 2-3 times.

UPSC toppers do the review and second evaluation, whereas others do the first evaluation. In the third round, well trained faculty looks for any inconsistencies and finally reviews each copy to advice further evaluation to closely identify mistakes that might have been ignored in the first or second round. 

We are coming up with following packages for this upcoming test series:

  • Full Package

9 GS – Full Length (20 Questions each)

5 Ethics – Two Sectional and Three Full Length

5 Essays – Full Length i.e. TWO essays (Out of Eight Topics)

Total Tests – 19

Cost – Rs.16500/-

  • GS Package (9 GS) Full Length (20 Questions each)

Total Tests – 9

Cost – Rs.10000/-

  • Ethics Package (5 Ethics) – Two Sectional and Three Full Length

Total Tests – 5

Cost – Rs.6000/-

  • Essay Package (5 Essays) Full Length i.e. TWO essays

Total Tests – 5

Cost – Rs.6000/-

  • Essay + Ethics Package (5 Essays + 5 Ethics)

Total Tests – 10

Cost – Rs.10000/-

  • For all Tests you will get Detailed synopsis as well as detailed feedback on your answers. The feedback will focus majorly on identifying your mistakes, helping you with present your answer in the best way possible and also tips to structure your answer so as to attract maximum marks for that answer/essay. 



Registration and subscription for this test series will be open from Friday (July 20) afternoon. We will share the link through a post on the same day. We will close registrations once we reach our limited intake number. 

Those who have subscribed by paying Rs 400 to get question papers will have an option to upgrade to any of the packages with full evaluation within their dashboard. 


Schedule and other details about our approach will be posted on Friday afternoon (July 20).

Number of Intake:

Seats will be limited and we expect only those who are clearing Prelims – 2018 apply. However, it’s open for all serious candidates. 

Mechanism of Test Series:

We will upload Question cum Answer booklet into your dashboard. You will have to take print-out, write the exam, scan the same (we will specify the size of scanned file later) and upload into your dashboard.

We will take the print-out, evaluate your copy comprehensively (3 rounds) and then upload the same into your dashboard. 

Evaluated copies will be uploaded within 7-8 days from the date of upload form your side.

NOTE: You will have to download Question cum Answer booklet and send your answers within 24 hours of uploading from our side. This is because of following FOUR reasons:

  1. We want to publish All India Ranking of all candidates (we will not disclose your Name though)
  2. We want to finish evaluation in time-bound manner and channelise team’s energy solely on next test to give best feedback.
  3. We want you to give exam on the same day so that you maintain discipline while following the schedule.
  4. Considering few days left for Mains-2018, we believe ‘flexibility’ should not be an option for any serious candidate who is looking to improve their answers/essays. It’s better to realise your mistakes at the earliest and improve your answers as soon as possible. 

Please note that option to upload your answer copy closes within 24 hours from the start of the test. So, please follow the schedule strictly and give tests regularly. 

SAMPLE Evaluated Copies:

  • Essay (PDF)
  • General Studies Screenshots:

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