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ETHICS – Insights 70 Days Plan: Day – 18

ETHICS – Insights 70 Days Plan

Day – 18

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1. One of your friend, who is 30 year old, is cynical about elections and politics. He believes that there is no point in voting when all political parties want is indulging in grabbing power and resorting to unconstitutional methods to stay in power. He has not voted in any election. And he intends to not to vote in any future election. He has been an influential voice among his friends and family members. He seems to be adamant with his views.

a) How will you persuade him to change his mind? Evaluate merits and demerits of your options.


2. Your son who is pursuing engineering in a prestigious college has reported to you that many of his friends have been buying illicit drugs and many of them have become addicts. He has told you that despite efforts by college administration and police, students are able to access drugs online or through certain unknown sources. He has told you that even he was forced once to take these drugs. However, he has kept such friends at distance since then. But these friends have been harassing and bullying him for many days. Your son now doesn’t want to continue his studies in that college. But the college is hundred percent placement record with top companies.

a) Discuss the ethical issues involved in this case.

b) Evaluate merits and demerits of your options and justify which option is most suitable in this case to help your son deal with the situation.