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ETHICS – Insights 70 Days Plan: Day – 10 & 11

ETHICS – Insights 70 Days Plan

Day – 10 & 11

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1. You are a businessman. Lately your business is not making any profits and is running under loss. Your powerful friends have abandoned you. Your wife runs an NGO that takes care of about 100 orphaned children. These children, who are aged between few months old babies to 15 year old boys, are rescued and rehabilitated with the aid of donations. These children include both boys and girls. In recent days your wife is finding it difficult to provide food, education and other basic necessities such as clothes, shelter etc on a regular basis due to lack of sufficient inflow of funds. She wants to close the NGO and hand it over to government. Even though she cares about these children, she is helpless in continuing her NGO on her own. 

a) What options she has in this situation, in case you would want her to continue to run her NGO? Evaluate their merits and demerits.


2. Latha lost her husband many years ago in an accident. As she was childless, later she adopted an abandoned child from a nearby hospital. The child has reached her schooling age. Latha who is still in her early thirties, finds it difficult to be single mother and decides to remarry. She puts her profile on matrimony sites. After many proposals, she finds a suitable person in a divorcee who is a government employee. Latha is convinced that the person is genuine and also her and her daughter’s life would be secure if she marries this person. However, her family, when told about this is shocked and is opposing her decision. They are worried about background of the man she is going to marry. If she marries him, she will have to go to distant place, away from her parents and siblings. 

a) Examine the ethical issues involved in this case. 

b) Do you support Latha’s decision? Justify.


3) How is technology impacting family values and ethics? Illustrate.