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SYNOPSIS: Insights 70 Days Ethics Plan – Day – 6


Insights 70 Days Ethics Plan 

Day – 6

CASE STUDY (Ethics in private relationships)

Preetham is preparing for civil services exam for last 5 years. He has reached interview stage three times and has exhausted five out of six attempts so far. So far he has failed to secure a rank. Preetham started preparing for coveted exam at the age of 26. He married his childhood friend at the age of 21. He got a lucrative job in an MNC at the age of 22. Even though his wife too got a good job, she was forced to not to join any job by her in-laws. Later, not satisfied with the private sector job, Preetham decides to quit his job and prepare for civil services exam. After three failed attempts and all savings exhausted, relationship between him and his wife starts straining. As her in laws are still opposed to her going for a job and being frustrated with Preetham’s silence and his inability to clear civil services exam, Preetham’s wife decides to move to her parents’ home and file for divorce. Preetham requests her to stay with him and support him for one more year. But his wife ignores his pleas.

In his final attempt, Preetham secures a very good rank and he is sure to get IAS and a posting in his home cadre. 

  1. Analyse the ethical issues involved in this case.


The case study represents the conflict in the relationships at private and personal level. The ethical issues involved in this scenario are:-


Patriarchal attitude entrenchment in the society has caused Preetham’s wife to stay at home even though she had a good job and was capable of living independently and infact could have supported Preetham when their savings were exhausted.


There is conflict between the familial responsibilities and individual aspirations by Preetham.


Preetham staying silent when his wife wanted to work shows the conflict of respecting his parents and accepting their decision at the same time not fighting for gender equality and fighting for his wife’s rights. This attitude is in contrast to the values needed in Civil services.


Other issue is the marital discord, lack of understanding , clear lack of communication between the husband and wife and also clear attitude differences.


Lack of compassion, trust, faith and support from Preetham’s wife towards him after a few years of his preparation despite her enormous support and facing adversities when he started preparation.


Despite such adversities Preetham could achieve his goal .This clearly shows the dedication and perseverance towards one’s goal.


Both husband and wife need to resolve their differences and Preetham needs to understand the individual freedom and ability of his wife to work and he needs to fight for it. At the same time as part of marriage there might be many issues that might prop up but most of the times staying together and handling them is important than going separate ways and both Preetham and his wife need to understand that.