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6) Critically analyze Plato’s thoughts on the system of democracy.(250 words) 

TOPIC:  Human Values – lessons from the lives and teachings of great leaders, reformers
and administrators;

6) Critically analyze Plato’s thoughts on the system of democracy.(250 words) 



Why this question

Plato was one of the most famous ancient philosopher who had great impact on the western philosophy. However his ideas and thoughts on democracy are not in line with the present liberal thought and given that democracy has so many virtues, it becomes important to discuss what views Plato had on democracy. The question is related to GS 4 syllabus under the following heading-

Key demand of the question

The question wants us to bring forward the thoughts and ideas of Plato on democracy. We have to discuss why Plato had such thoughts/ ideas, why he was right in having such thoughts and why he was wrong. We have to dig deep into the issue and come out with a personal opinion in the end.

Directive word

Critically analyze- we have to dig deep into the issue/ question and identify its key demand. We have to discuss all the essential and related aspects of the question. Discuss why Plato was right and why he was wrong. Based on our discussion, we have to form a personal opinion on the issue.

Structure of the answer

Introduction– Mention that Plato believed that, as a just and healthy person is governed by  knowledge and reason, a just society must be under the control of society’s most cultivated and best informed minds, its “lovers of wisdom.”

Body– Take the help of the articles attached with the question to frame your answer in the following way;

  • Discuss how Plato viewed the society ( comparing it with soul).
  • Discuss why Plato was right. This could be best discussed by mentioning Plato’s own reasoning and thoughts on the topic.
  • Discuss why Plato was wrong. You have to be creative as well as highly analytical in answering this part of the question.

Conclusion- Form a fair, balanced and a concise opinion on the issue.