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4) LIMBS will play a key role in reducing the litigation burden. Examine.(250 words)

Topic: e-governance- applications,
models, successes, limitations, and potential

4) LIMBS will play a key role in reducing the litigation burden. Examine.(250 words)

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Why this question

Whenever we talk of judicial reforms, easing the litigation burden is an important concern. The role of LIMBS in their regard is crucial and needs to be examined in depth.

Key demand of the question

The question wants us to describe what is LIMBS, how can it help in reducing the litigation burden, its shortcomings and the way forward.

Directive word

Examine – When you are asked to examine, you have to probe deeper into the topic,  get into details, and find out the causes or implications if any .

Structure of the answer

Introduction – explain what LIMBS is – Legal Information Management and Briefing System (LIMBS) is a web based application created by the Department of Legal Affairs under the Ministry of Law and Justice, to make the legal data available at one single point and streamline the procedure of litigation matters conducted on behalf of Union of India

Body – Bring out the need for limbs in fulfilling objectives of “Minimum government, maximum governance”, “Digital India”, “Ease of doing business” and enhance the Transaction Capacity Governance of the government with an efficient legal framework for speedy resolution of disputes.
LIMBS reduces the huge expenditures involved in resolving the cases, saves time and makes the working of different departments under a ministry, efficient.

Examine the impact that LIMBS can have on the judicial process and the risks that might arise.

Conclusion – Emphasize on the role of LIMBS and discuss the way forward.