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PRELIMS BOOSTER 2018: Indian crested porcupine (Indian porcupine) and Regional 3R Forum in Asia and Pacific


Indian crested porcupine (Indian porcupine) and Regional 3R Forum in Asia and Pacific

Indian crested porcupine (Indian porcupine)

  1. lIt is a rodent native to southern Asia and the Middle East
  2. Least concerned – IUCN


  1. Habitat
  • species has a broad habitat tolerance, occupying rocky hillsides, tropical and temperate shrubland, grasslands, forests, arable land, plantations, and gardens.
  • Range — Turkey and the eastern Mediterranean through southwest and central Asia


  1. Threats

considered agricultural pests by locals who trap and use them for food 






 Regional 3R Forum in Asia and Pacific

  1. launched in 2009 in Tokyo, Japan
  2. objective — integrating 3Rs– reduce, reuse and recycle in policy, planning and development


  1. Functions
  • knowledge sharing platform for disseminating and sharing best practices in 3R areas, including new and emerging issues of concern in waste management
  • address policies, programs, measures, tools and technologies in the context of achieving resource efficiency, sustainable production and consumption, integrated solid waste management, sound material-cycle, low-carbon and zero waste society


  1. Members — governments, aid agencies, international agencies, private sector entities, research bodies, NGOs and other relevant parties


  1. 8th 3r forum
  • held in India
  • theme of this edition of forum was “Achieving Clean Water, Clean Land and Clean Air through 3R and Resource Efficiency– A 21st Century Vision for Asia-Pacific Communities”.