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1) It is argued, credibly, that Gandhi “feminized” nationalist politics. Evaluate. (250 words)

TOPIC:  The Freedom Struggle – its various stages and important contributors
/contributions from different parts of the country.

1) It is argued, credibly, that Gandhi “feminized” nationalist politics. Evaluate. (250 words)

The Indian Women’s Movement in Historical Perspective –, 24.07.2012 › apcity › unpan051009 (Pg 18)


Key demand of the question

The question makes an assertion that Mahatma Gandhi played a crucial role in feminizing the national politics during our freedom struggle. Thus we need to examine whether or not this statement is true by analysing the modes of protest that Gandhi incorporated, the role that women played in Gandhian Satyagraha, the gender perspective of several demands of INC etc. Ultimately, we have to comment on the veracity of the statement.

Directive word

Evaluate – When you are asked to evaluate, you have to pass a sound judgement about the truth of the given statement in the question or the topic based on evidences.  You have to appraise the worth of the statement in question. There is scope for forming a personal opinion here.

Structure of the answer

Introduction – Mention that freedom struggle was a time when great many experiments were taking place in the domain of civil and gender rights.


  • Mention that Gandhi was deeply inspired by tolstoy farm which talked about equal treatment of men and women
  • Mention how Gandhian strategies allowed more women to come to the political centre stage
  • Mention the active role that women played in national movement post Gandhi’s arrival
  • Also mention that women did play a role earlier as well ( rani laxmi bai etc) but the numbers increased manifold during Gandhian struggle
  • Mention the civil rights demands of INC and how Gandhian philosophy had a role to play in it

Conclusion – Mention your own view on the veracity of the assertion made in the question.