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PRELIMS BOOSTER 2018: Rameshwaram ornamental tarantula (Rameshwaram parachute spider) and Andean Community (Comunidad Andina, CAN)


Rameshwaram ornamental tarantula (Rameshwaram parachute spider) and Andean Community (Comunidad Andina, CAN)

Rameshwaram ornamental  tarantula (Rameshwaram parachute spider)

  1. Critically endangered — IUCN
  2. Once thought to be extinct. Discovered in 2004 by Andrew Smith from a sacred grove of the Hanumavilasum Temple in Rameshwaram
  3. Habitat
  • found in plantations like tamarind, palm, coconut and casuarina
  • endemic to the Ramanathapuram district in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. Recently it has been identified outside India in the Mannar District of Northern Sri Lanka
  1. Threats
  • Loss of plantations due to developmental activities
  • small population size
  • persecution
  1. Spiders occur in private plantations only and are not subjected to any protection laws.

Andean Community (Comunidad Andina, CAN)

  1. customs union of the South American countries
  2. members
  • Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru
  • Venezuela joined the Pact in 1973 but withdrew in 2006 after Colombia and Peru signed Free Trade Agreements with USA
  1. formed : Cartagena Agreement in 1969
  2. headquarters : Lima, Peru
  3. Aim
  • encourage industrial, agricultural, social, and trade cooperation among members
  • promoting the independence and strength of the regional economy
  1. Institutions
  • Andean Secretariat — Executive body
  • Andean Development Corporation (CAF)
  • Seat — Caracas, Venezuela
  • source of external financing for the Andean Community members
  • credit is given to regional integration projects and financing of international commerce of companies and banks and government projects.
  • Andean Court of Justice
  • Quito, Ecuador
  • resolves disputes among member countries.
  • Andean Parliament
  • Bogota , Colombia
  • policy advisory body
  • Latin American Reserve Fund (FLAR)
  • Bogota, Colombia
  • common reserve fund that seeks the stability of member countries by improving their external position and strengthening regional support
  • Besides the 4 CAN members, FLAR presently also has Costa Rica, Uruguay and Venezuela as its members.
  1. CAN and India

2003 —  established a Political Dialogue and Cooperation Mechanism for the purpose of strengthening and diversifying their friendship, understanding and cooperation and developing mutual trade and investment relations and cultural and scientific exchanges

  1. CAN community deals with the following issues:
  • Trade in Goods
  • Trade in Services
  • Customs Union
  • Circulation of Persons
  • Common Market
  • Common Foreign Policy
  • Border Development
  • Social Agenda
  • Sustainable Development
  • Economic Policies