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7) Critically evaluate design and performance of the MUDRA scheme.

Topic: Changes in industrial policy and their effects on industrial growth.

7) Critically evaluate design and performance of the MUDRA scheme. (250 Words)


Why this question?

Very important question for Mains. It might be repeated in a different form in Mains-2018. 

Key demand of the question:

You should objectively evaluate design and performance of the MUDRA scheme. 

Directive Word:

Critically Evaluate– Based on data and facts, and also based on opinion of experts/reports/studies/ assess the deficiencies and outcomes. But you should write about both positives and negatives. 

Structure of Answer:

In the introduction write 2-3 lines why flagship programs sometimes fail to deliver to their potential despite much attention and resources being spent on them. 

Write 1-2 lines on background of the scheme.

In the body, divide answer into TWO main parts: First to evaluate Design of MUDRA. Here, categorise into Finance, Institutions, Implementation mechanism etc and write about robustness or weaknesses. In the Second part, evaluate performance. In the reference article you will find many negative points. Search for positive points (Refer PIB).


In the conclusion write about the need for banks to be more proactive in lending and need for government to clean NPA problem. Or write any other related thoughtful valid conclusion. 

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