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ETHICS CASE STUDY: What suggestions you will give to your friend? Examine merits and demerits of all of your suggestions.

Topic:  Ethics in private and public relationships

6) Your close friend is selected as an IAS officer. His family and friends are all elated. His father is in politics. His father is forcing your friend to marry a daughter of a richest politician in the state.  By making this alliance, his father believes that it would give him more political clout and status. Even the richest politicians is forcing your friend’s father in this regard, especially after the civil services exam result. However, your friend is not interested in this alliance. But he doesn’t have courage to admit this to his father. He is planning to marry a girl from a lower caste with whom he is in love. In case if his father comes to know about your friend’s affair, things would get worse for your friend. Your friend belongs to higher caste and there will be violent opposition to his choice of bride. While his father is having big plans, your friend is worried about his future.  He seeks your suggestions.

What suggestions you will give to your friend? Examine merits and demerits of all of your suggestions.



Why this question?

Because incidents like this are common (soon after entering LBSNAA). 

Key demand of the question:

Give suggestions to your IAS friend keeping in mind interests of all stakeholders and ethical principles.  

Directive Word:

Examine You have to examine merits and demerits  i.e. good and bad consequences of your suggestions. Use imagination. 

Structure of Answer:

There should be general introduction before giving suggestions. In the intro, write about facts, ethical issues, values and all stakeholders  – in 4-5 lines. 

Then write a line like: 

In the light of above facts and issues, I would suggest my friend following options, whose merits and demerits is discussed therewith:

Write maximum Four suggestions, and within each suggestion, in small paragraphs examine merits and demerits. Remember all stakeholders and values that are going to be affected. 

The last suggestion should be the best one (one which he should ideally follow).

Then justify last option thoroughly and end your answer. 


Tip:  It’s ok to overshoot word limit in case studies. But make sure, you include maximum dimensions in your answer.