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EXCLUSIVE: Insights IAS Revision Modules for UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Exam – 2018


Insights IAS Revision Modules for UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Exam – 2018


Like last year, this year also we are going to publish Insights Exclusive Revision modules for UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Exam – 2018. 

Last year, these revision modules were extremely useful for last minute revision. This year, we are coming up with more focused modules keeping in mind previous year preliminary exam paper-1. These modules will cover most important issues of Economy, Ecology, Polity, S&T, Government Initiatives (Schemes, Policies etc), Art and Culture, International Relations and related Institutions/organisations and finally one on Social Issues

All modules will cover current affairs dimensions of above mentioned broad categories. These modules will help you revise all important issues very quickly, especially in the month of May-2018. However, you are advised to revise these modules from now itself. 

In the beginning, we will cover issues from June – 2017 to January – 2018. Later we will release a separate module which covers issues between February – 2018 to April – 2018

If you want to score more in current affairs based questions in UPSC prelims, these modules are indispensable. Revise these again and again. Note that these revision modules should not replace your regular current affair sources (magazines/compilations that you have been reading). These modules focus on most important issues from exam point of view. These should be read and revised in addition to regular current affairs. 

In addition to these revision modules, there is something very exciting coming up within next few days to help you revise for prelims 2018 with highest confidence and crack prelims like pro. 

Meanwhile, within next two days, we will release Economy Revision Module

In case you want to know how these modules look like, check here. In case you want to know how important these modules were, download this Economy module Here, and search economy related topics that were asked in prelims – 2017 (NPCIUPI, MPC, S4A, SFBs, GST, Benami Act, TFA, NIIF). Other economy topics were covered in Schemes and other Modules (especially, in final updated one covering all months) though. Likewise, each module was very important for prelims – 2017. Only those who revised them 2-3 times know their importance. 

This year also these will be very helpful – only if you read and revise them. 

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