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UPSC Interview Preparation: Tips by Topper, Dhyanachandra Rank 47, CSE-2016

UPSC Interview Preparation:

Tips by Topper, Dhyanachandra Rank 47, CSE-2016


Finally interviews have started. There would definitely be lot of commotion in any serious aspirants mind. Also there would be lot of confusion about how to go about for next few days . 

Here are few things which you have to follow to get a decent score in the interview : 

1. Keeping Number of mocks to minimum. 

Mocks are important to improve ones interview score .  Giving say 5-6 mocks is advisable . Working on these mocks and getting yourself better is more important than mere running around for more number of mocks .

2. Giving yourself time 

Interview is all about exposing your personality to the board . All they are interested is in “ you” and your suitability for upsc . So , think about yourself and come up with your own thoughts about particular situations .

3. Reading Newspaper :

Keep reading daily newspaper . It’s ok if you just go through newspapers daily and not read anything else . Questions sometimes are directly picked from Newspaper . 

4. Maintain good diet and take deep rest .

Interview is about your personality . You will be best when your mind is calm and relaxed . So take decent diet and good sleep throughout specially the day before interview .

Personally I had lost my health 2 days before interview and was bed ridden . So avoid taking outside food. 

It is advised to take some fruits and chocolates with you inside upsc and keep your hunger in control .

Apart of the these , there are some things which should be completed avoided .

1. Speculation 

There is no point in speculating about your Board and hence your marks. We cannot decide our boards anyway . So , better make up your mind to face any board . 

Getting to master the background of board members and tuning your mind results is losing one’s originality in thinking .  Keeping mind open during interview boosts your marks rapidly .

2. Freaking out 

Getting scared about interview will spoil one’s mental health . It’s more important to remain calm and relaxed, and showcase the knowledge we have . Honestly , UPSC board doesn’t want an officer who gets scared to even answer some simple questions posed by them .

3. Overtly confident 

Being and appearing confident is good but care should be taken not to appear arrogant and stubborn . 

Balancing your behaviour  is very important . Arrogance is much worse than feeling scared and hence even more dangerous for interview .

4. Reading too much .

Interview is not to check your domain knowledge which has already been tested in Mains. The whole purpose of interview is to know if one can articulate the knowledge one has with clarity and precision.  

Your brain is trained already . Now try to sync  your brain and words so that board knows what’s your opinion on a particular issue .

Finally , What to do on the D – day ?

1.  Wake up with a smile. 

After all you deserved this day . The confidence you carry is visible in your smile .

Walk like an officer to the interview because after the interview you are going to be the one .

2.  Talk prudently 

There is no point in talking too much and loose out energy by involving in long discussions . You have only 1 or 2 hours to wait . Fact is that one cannot revise and talk about current affairs issues within just 2 hours .

3. Document verification formalities – not so serious . 

It’s always good to have all documents ready and in place to submit . But in case you miss out don’t freak out . UPSC gives sufficient time to submit them later . 

4.  Be on time . 

Coming late and loosing out is the last thing that could ever happen to any aspirant . So be in time . 

5. Talk to your friends giving interview to same board .

Focus here is to calm yourself . Smile and exchange greetings with them . Discussing about upsc facts is not necessary . 

Sometimes you may feel that you have forgotten everything and feel empty in your head . Nothing to worry about this because that’s common issue with most candidates. Content will come out when needed . 

To sum up , no doubt interview is an important step to become an IAS but that doesn’t mean you have to worry too much and spoil such a great opportunity available to you . 

You have worked really hard to reach here . Interview is just one more step . Keep your emotions in control . It’s time to show UPSC that not only you know how to tackle multiple choices ( Prelims) and writing skills ( Mains)  but you are good with words and prevention skills too. After all UPSC is searching for an aspirant who can best showcase these .

All the best for your interview . Do well . 



IAS -2017