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Insights IAS Interview Guidance Program – 2018: Debates, Mocks by Senior IAS/IPS/IRS Officer, Discussions and Brainstorming Sessions


Insights IAS Interview Guidance Program – 2018

Debates, Mocks by Senior IAS/IPS/IRS Officer, Discussions and Brainstorming Sessions


Insights is conducting intensive Interview Guidance Program for candidates who have cleared UPSC civil services Mains – 2017. The program aims to bring out the best in you and prepare you well for personality test. Participation in this program is free of cost.


  1. Daily brainstorming sessions in our well equipped classroom: Each candidate has to debate an important issue. Everyone will be given a chance to come on stage and speak for few minutes on a given topic. Then, they will have to answer questions raised by audience (fellow candidates and experts). These sessions aim to remove any stage fear and instil confidence to face a large audience. As confidence is the most important factor in determining marks in interview, we will make sure that everyone who attends this program become confident to face any kind of interview.
  2. One on one sessions with our faculty. These will be held on day to day basis.
  3. Mocks by IAS toppers, especially those who have scored 200+ in their personality test.
  4. Mocks by senior IAS/IPS/IRS officers. This year we will have panel of senior bureaucrats and academicians having vast experience in administration and academics respectively. Their inputs will be invaluable to those who attend these mocks. These mocks will be held on Saturdays and Sundays.
  5. These mocks will be video recorded and a copy is given you for self-analysis.
  6. In addition, there will be daily assignments for you to work on your DAF and current affairs.
  7. We will create new groups for you to do group discussions.
  8. Free reading room facility (morning 6 to night 12) till your interview. 

As said earlier, we are not charging for this program. If interested, mail your DAFs to, and then visit our OGP centre and register. Last date for registration is 16th January 2018. 

(Those who have already submitted DAFs during the first interview session need not submit DAFs.)

The introductory session is on Wednesday (17 January 2018) at 9.30 am.

Map of the venue: