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Insights IAS Prelims Test Series 2018: CSAT Test Series FREE + More Offers


Insights Prelims Test Series 2018 Packages

FREE CSAT Test Series


‘Insights Prelims Test Series with their well chalked out timetable, gave proper direction, helped in test practice and more importantly gave confidence required at crucial stages. It helped me score 141 in 2016 prelims’ – Nandhini K R, Rank 1, CSE 2016

‘Test series provides ample opportunity to identify one’s pattern of mistakes and condition one’s mind to the exam scenario. In this aspect Insights test series is very comprehensive and qualitative. It gives ample practice to evaluate oneself before actual exam.’ – Kiran S, Rank 310 CSE 2016

‘Insights Prelims Test Series is all you need to revise everything you have read.’ – Mithalli Sethi, Rank 56, CSE 2016

‘I had solved a dozen test series of various institutes. Insightsonindia is the best website that one can rely on during preparation. It’s daily news analysis, prelims test series and answer writing practice helped me a lot to improve my writing skills.’ – Srinivas Gowda, Rank 105, CSE 2015


Above are few testimonials(not fake) which stands as a reward for our sincere hard work striving towards providing the best quality guidance to civil service aspirants. We are happy to know that Insights test series is helping our subscribers to prepare well for UPSC Prelims 2018 too. Thanks for all of yours continued support.

Insights Prelims 2018 test series consisted of 37 mock tests (each 100 questions) on UPSC Prelims General Studies Paper 1.  Now, we shall be adding high quality 10 CSAT mock tests for the same package for no extra cost. Hence, Insights test series shall have 47 mock tests in total and is renamed as GS and CSAT Full Package. (Those who have subscribed already shall avail all 47 tests in their dashboard) This makes our test series not only the best, but also the cheapest you can avail (each test costs you roughly Rs 150/- only – the amount one spends on two meals in a small town/a cup of coffee in cafe coffee day/half the price of a movie ticket in multiplex)

We really hope that you subscribe to these 47 tests and prepare very well for both papers. To be honest, if you solve all our tests sincerely from now itself, you have very high chance of clearing prelims. 

Our Test Series is arranged in FOUR optional packages as below, providing flexibility for the user to buy. Yet, we recommend you to buy the complete 47 test package to make the best use of our test series. You can subscribe now and give all tests irrespective of the test start date.

Test Series Packages


Our Subscription Link :


We do know about the piracy issues. Students tend to collect all that is available freely outside and try to complete at once. Solving all available test series hastily, will do more harm than help. When you subscribe to our test series, you have promised yourself to follow a disciplined schedule. When you pay, you have obligation to give tests as per schedule. If you are extremely poor – not able to afford these tests, we can either give discounts or give free tests based on merit. But please don’t depend on pirated tests that are shared on large groups. What will be the incentive for us to run this website free of cost? Except test series, everything on this site is FREE of cost. We don’t like to preach, yet we would like to remind you humbly that tomorrow as bureaucrats, you will have to battle piracy. It’s not fair on your part to either encourage or indulge in piracy when we are trying to provide quality content for free of cost on this site. 

Whatever be the justifications you find to encourage piracy, someday this will have negative effect not only on us, on you too. We hope you use your best judgement and heed to our plea. 

Moreover, when you pay and subscribe, you give each test under real test conditions, you review your mistakes through revising solutions. You will get All India Ranks which will help you gauge your progress in an authentic way. You will be retaking tests during revision time to consolidate your revision. You shall be completing schedule with enough time for revision. This boosts your self-confidence. Moreover, instead of downloading all free tests and solving them once, it’s better to buy one and seriously solve it 3-4 times. Don’t play with your chances. Don’t regret later. 

By the time you complete our test series, you would have gained real UPSC exam conditions so much and so well that UPSC Prelims 2018 seems like one more test to you. UPSC Preparation shall be exciting and rewarding experience. The more you enjoy the journey in the path, the more satisfying and rewarding will be your destiny.

Also, this is the only source of income on which all our free initiatives are running. Please do support us and value our effort by purchasing and effectively using our test series. This is in the interest of both of us. 

Spending around seven thousand rupees may seem hefty now, but looking at returns, someday you will definitely feel that it was worth spending this amount. 

Before we end, a simple economic logic for you – If you stop buying goods, eventually the shop will close. Think about this. 

Thank You


  • Only GS and CSAT Full Package shall be available for Insights offline subscribers.
  • There is an option to buy higher test series packages even after you have bought any of the other by paying the differential amount.