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Insights IAS Offline Core Batch – 2018 – Introduction and Details

Insights IAS Offline Core Batch – 2018 

Introduction and Details

Reasons why even brilliant students fail in civil services exam is – they follow too many sources; they frequently change their strategies; they follow too many advises from too many people; they study too much but write too less; they study too much but revise rarely; more importantly, they lack conviction and faith in their ability – too many self-doubts during the course of preparation which affects momentum.

If it can be simply put – they lack consistency. 

But, if you are going to end up as a student of our core batch, all you will be thinking (all the time) is how to complete the targets we give to you and how to improve yourself constantly to score better and better in each passing test. You will be a part of a group that consists of future toppers, hopefully including yourself. We are not promising promising – if you are part of this group, you have a fair chance of ending up as a topper. 

Two years ago we started core batch concept to guide most serious aspirants chosen from our offline test subscribers to give them right guidance and constant motivation to prepare in right direction. It yielded very good result as they could improve their answer writing skills and prepare meaningfully through group interactions in a conducive environment.

But this year, it is going to be better as we have the best infrastructure and more resources to provide constant push, motivation, right guidance, great environment for group discussions and individual study for selected students.

Aims of Core Batch 2018:

In core batch we train you hard to face any kind of questions both in prelims and mains. Our main goal will be to help you improve writing speed (completion of entire GS paper including GS-4 paper in less than 3 hours) and also improve your quality of answers by giving you quality feedback on them. We just make you work hard in right way. 

We don’t spoon-feed anything. You will score well when your answers and essays are original and individualistic. We encourage each one to write original (yet relevant) answers, case studies and essays based on your own understanding of topics and your knowledge level. 

Any individual who wants to succeed need motivation and support to compliment his/her innate abilities such as hard working nature, good memory or good IQ. They also need a competitive environment where everyone around them is very serious about their goal. They also need a mentor who is constantly behind them monitoring their performance at each stage. In core batch you will find all of these. 


Core batch intends to provide you:

  • A Timetable that aims to help you prepare intensely for Mains in addition to Prelims in the months of January, February and March – 2018. Before prelims, you will be ready for Mains. 
  • Regular Mains and Prelims tests to help you improve writing speed, quality of answers (structure, relevance and content) and hone your essay writing skills. 
  • Evaluation of answer booklets and personal feedback. Please note that evaluation of all tests will not be possible. We will evaluate two tests from each round (including full length). However, any day one to one feedback will be given. We will sit in front of you and let you know where you are making mistakes and where you can improve (Regarding this, more details will be provided along with timetable later) 
  • Formation of groups based on common optional subject and giving each group targets to achieve (we are doing this for past two years and has yielded great results)
  • More than anything else, absolutely no non-sense guidance and constant motivation will be there for you to maintain consistency in your preparation. 
  • We need better civil servants who can think independently and work hard to achieve their goal. Along with answer writing guidance, we will also provide support for interview. 
  • There will be no classes on any kind except for 2-3 sessions answer writing and essay skills. To be in this batch, you must complete optional and basics (NCERT) first (by end of December)

Note that role of Insights will be minimum here. We just try to bring out the best in you. We make you work hard. We keep you away from all distractions. Ultimately it’s your efforts that matters. You will get the best environment to study ( we have best study rooms with only very serious Insights students around you).

Now coming to the details of Insights Core Batch – 2018;

Entrance Test:

  • Students will be selected through an entrance test. There will be two stages. First stage – objective test consisting of 100 questions similar to UPSC civil services prelims Paper – 1 + few CSAT questions. The test in the second stage will have One Essay and One Case Study (Ethics). Second stage is for shortlisted students from stage one. Total intake will be decided based on number of students who register for the entrance exam.


Registrations will be open in the first week of December – 2017. We would like to know how many aspirants want to sit for the entrance to decide final intake and make arrangements to conduct entrance smoothly. Final dates and details such as timetable etc will be given later (last week of November).

We will create registration form and post it later. We will let you know when it’s live. 

There will be nominal fee for registration. 

Date of Entrance Test:

First stage will be conducted on 24th  December – 2017.  Second stage will be on 27th December. 

Syllabus of Entrance: 

  • Syllabus is same as that is covered in Insights Prelims 2018 mock tests 1 to 17. In addition, current affairs between June and November 2017 will be covered.  Few questions (20-25) of CSAT will also be included in objective test. Essay topic will be current affairs based. 
  • Please revise all 17 tests and current affairs carefully if you want to do well in this entrance test. 


  • This entrance is open ONLY to Insights Offline Prelims Test Series – 2018 Students. However, interested online subscribers can also give this entrance in case you are ready to relocate to Bangalore in case you get selected.
  • Also there is no prerequisite that one should have written mains or given interview. If all are freshers, we will be even more happy to guide you towards success. We can do this. 


It’s absolutely FREE. We are not going to charge any fees for this program. You have already paid for prelims test series. This program is for 2.5 – 3 months and includes no classes. All it includes is regular tests and feedback – which we want to provide it for free of cost as all are chosen through an entrance test. 

  • Note: You will have to pay for your food, accommodation and reading room charges. 



It will be for 3 months from January to March 2018. You will be left to yourself to study for prelims between April and May. From second week of June, Mains test series will commence. You will get all the feedback in January and February itself. We will not evaluate all copies of Mains tests. We will give feedback on full length tests only. 

Why core batch?

We recently started Offline Guidance Program – 2018 program (OGP). It is going on very well. Contrary to negative things that are being spread (by vested interests), OGP will smash all records in 2019. Results will speak themselves, louder. You can mark these words. Also remember that 90% of the students in OGP are freshers (those who haven’t given mains not even once). Don’t trust any negative messages if you are seeing or hearing from certain quarters. Look at the results and have faith. Yes, if you don’t have faith, then you have no place here. 

Coming to why this core batch is needed, those who couldn’t get into OGP batch have joined our offline prelims test series program and we wanted to provide guidance to them as well. Core batch intends to provide them an opportunity to prepare intensively just like our OGP students are preparing. 

(OGP students will also write all core batch tests. They will not have any entrance exam. They will be made to write all tests that core batch people write.)

Core batch will also accommodate (without entrance exam) some of the students who gave interview in 2017 or got ranks in CSE-2016 but failed in Prelims-2017 (of course, if they are interested). Freshers in the core batch can benefit from experience of veterans. 

For example, Nandini K R (AIR -1, CSE-2016) wrote all tests along with core batch students. She was unofficially part of core batch (kind of lateral entry). Freshers got benefited by Nandini’s presence (her answer booklets).

We need utmost serious and sincere aspirants. 


If you want to get a rank in CSE-2018:

Before aspiring to become part of core batch, complete your optional thoroughly. Write minimum 200 answers for previous optional papers before the end of December. We will check this on the day of test. Revise NCERT books. Revise all our tests at least twice. 

If you can do above tasks by end of December, through core batch we will ensure that you score very high marks in all Mains GS papers and Essay. Of course, you will definitely clear prelims. 

In case you are not able to complete your optional, better rethink about giving this entrance test as our focus will be mostly on GS papers and you will not get sufficient time to prepare for optionals. If you really want to be part of core batch, then complete optional by first week of January 2018. 

Any guidance will be unsuccessful unless students make use of it enthusiastically. Your success is yours. We have always believed that we are mere facilitators and have conducted ourselves as same. We never own up your success unless you voluntarily attribute some portion of it to us. To own your success, you must really work hard in right direction.

Wish you all the best. 


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