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All India Radio News Summary: 06 NOVEMBER 2017

All India Radio News Summary: 06 NOVEMBER 2017

  1. International Consortium of Investigative Journalists releases the Paradise papers; names of more than 700 Indians figure in largest ever black money data leak. 

International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) released ‘The Paradise Papers’, a global investigation that reveals the offshore activities of some of the world’s most powerful people and companies.

  • The ICIJ and 95 media partners explored 13.4 million leaked files of offshore law firms and the company registries in some of the world’s most secretive countries.
  • The files were obtained by the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, and shared with the ICIJ.
  • Among 180 countries represented in the data, India ranks 19th in terms of number of names. A total of 714 Indian names figure in the leaked data.
  • The Paradise Papers revealed offshore interests and activities of more than 120 politicians and world leaders, including Queen Elizabeth II. At least 13 allies, major donors and Cabinet members of US President Donald J. Trump appeared.


  1. Defence Minister takes stock of defence preparedness in Arunachal Pradesh bordering China

Defence Minister has visited forward army posts in remote Anjaw district of Arunachal Pradesh bordering China to take stock of the defence preparedness.

  • Minister interacted with the troops at forward army posts at Kibithu and lauded their dedication to the service and their efforts in such a remote and inhospitable terrain.
  • She also visited the key air force base in Chabua in Tinsukia district of neighbouring Assam.
  • The minister took stock of the operational preparedness and infrastructure development at the base.


  1. Three-day mega food fair in National Capital attracts investment around 19 billion dollars.

Investment of around 19 billion dollars, including 11.25 billion from private sector, was committed during the three day mega food event- World Food India. 

  • It saw participation of 60 countries and over 50 global CEOs.
  • This was the first time that India hosted such an event for the food processing sector to strengthen its position as a global food factory.
  • The conference witnessed participation of 10 thousand participants and over 8 thousand business to business and business to government meetings were held.
  • 50 MoUs were signed worth 11.25 billion dollar to boost food processing levels from the current 10 per cent.
  • The US, UAE, Germany, Netherlands and France have announced big amount of investments in the country’s food processing sector.


  1. Prime Minister to participate in 75th anniversary celebrations of Thanthi newspaper in Chennai.

Prime Minister said,

  • Media must make an extra effort, to maintain credibility.
  • Healthy competition among credible media platforms is also good for the health of our democracy.  
  • Renewed emphasis on credibility brings us to the subject of introspection.
  • Reform in the media, whenever required, can only come from within, through introspection.
  • Media is a means of transforming society that is why it is referred as the fourth pillar of democracy.
  • Editorial freedom must be used wisely in public interest.
  • Equally so, the freedom to write, and to decide what is to be written, does not include the freedom to be “less than accurate,” or “factually incorrect.”
  • Media focus should be lot more than just discourse revolves around politics.


  1. Supreme Court issues notice to Tamil Nadu on PETA’s plea challenging state government’s law allowing bull-taming sport, Jallikattu.

The court sought a reply from the state government within four weeks.

  • The apex court had in 2014 banned the bull taming sport citing that jallikattu, bullock cart race and other such events per se violate the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal (PCA) Act.
  • Following widespread protests against the ban, the Tamil Nadu Assembly passed the law in January which made jallikattu legal in the state.
  • The law while legalising the sport also laid out various safety measures in favour of the bulls and the manner in which the sport should be held.


  1. New round of UN climate change talks to begin at Bonn in Germany.

A new round of UN climate change talks started in Bonn, Germany.

  • More than 190 countries and territories will take part in the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP23), the first since the United States decided to withdraw from the Paris Agreement.
  • Delegates will negotiate in order to come up with concrete rules for the agreement by the next round next year.
  • They will also discuss how to report their reduction goals and updated efforts to fulfil them.
  • The Paris Agreement on Climate Change came into effect in November last year. It requires all nations, including developing countries, to make an effort to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.