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Representation to UPSC regarding essay – Human law vs natural law

We are posting the following post on behalf of aggrieved students. If you are one of them, you can discuss further course of action in the comment section.


“Many of us who have attempted this essay have assumed natural law in the context of laws of nature but not from philosophical context. We have written the essay from environment point of view. Usage of the phrase “prakritik niyam” but not “prakritik kanoon” in Hindi also was misleading.

As per new representation rules of Upsc, complaints can be made only till 7 days after that particular exam is over. Since essay was held last Saturday, representation has to be made this week only. UPSC rules and representation procedure has been enclosed. Kindly take out some time and fill it as if Upsc doesn’t entertain our perspective, good marks in optional have no value.

At least make a rough draft on paper and keep it ready. It hardly takes 10 minutes. Kindly pass on the message and try to rope in some coaching center people who can lead the issue. Also try to mention about the Hindi version. For some reason the Hindi argument seems to be working of late.”