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[Insights Secure – 2017] UPSC Mains Questions on Current Affairs: 25 October 2017

[Insights Secure – 2017] UPSC Mains Questions on Current Affairs: 25 October 2017

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General Studies – 1;



Topic:   Modern Indian history from about the middle of the eighteenth century until the present- significant events, personalities, issues 

1) Multiple dialogue processes in Kashmir lack consistency, continuity, and comprehensiveness. Comment. (200 Words)

The Indian Express


Topic: The Freedom Struggle – its various stages and important contributors /contributions from different parts of the country. 

2) “Robert Clive founded the British Raj, Lord Macaulay sowed the seeds of its end.” Critically comment. (200 Words)

The Indian Express

General Studies – 2


Topic: Appointment to various Constitutional posts, powers, functions and responsibilities of various Constitutional Bodies.  

3) The Election Commissioners are equal on appointment but unequal on removal. Critically analyse the composition of the Election Commission and how can it be made better. (200 Words)

The Hindu

General Studies – 3


Topic: Indian economy – growth and development; mobilization of resources, 

4) Public Sector Banks (PSBs) are the front runners for financial inclusion and need to be financed well themselves. Comment. (200 Words)

The Hindu


Topic:  Infrastructure: Energy

5) Targeted universal electrification through Saubhagya still does not solve the paying capacity of end users to clear bills despite access. Comment. (200 Words)

The Hindu


Topic:  Awareness in the fields of IT, Space, Computers

6) What are bitcoins? How are they beneficial in financial services? Can they be sustainable as an idea? Discuss. (200 Words)

The Hindu


Topic:  Changes in industrial policy and their effects on industrial growth. 

7) In your opinion, what constitutes good industrial policy? Examine the challenges that India faces in formulating new industrial policy to suit present industry demands. (200 Words)


General Studies – 4


Topic:   Human Values – lessons from the lives and teachings of great leaders, reformers and administrators

8) Power is the real test of a person’s character and ethical values. Comment. (150 Words)