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All India Radio News Summary: 24 SEPTEMBER 2017

All India Radio News Summary: 24 SEPTEMBER 2017

  1. Mann Ki Baat programme – Prime Minister says cleanliness a mass movement now; Unity in diversity is India’s specialty

Prime Minister said, cleanliness has become a mass movement and old or the young, men or women, city or village everyone has become a part of this campaign.

In his 36th edition of Mann Ki Baat programme on All India Radio, PM said,

  • a kind of pressure has been created in public places and people resist if someone tries to spoil or make a public place dirty.
  • The cleanliness campaign is advancing towards Sankalp Se Siddhi. In just four days of Swacchata Hi Seva campaign, more than 75 lakh people joined the drive with over 40,000 initiatives. Also an appeal for a movement to inculcate cleanliness as a habit was made.
  • Expressed gratitude to media for taking the campaign in a religious manner and making a big contribution in creating a positive environment about cleanliness.
  • PM praised Bilal Dar, a young man from Srinagar who has been engaged in cleanliness of Dal Lake for the last 5 to 6 years since the age of 12. By setting a new trend Srinagar Municipal Corporation has made him Brand Ambassador. 
  • The Prime Minister recalled the great men of India – Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel who gave the country a new direction and led the nation.
  • Mahatma Gandhi, Jaiprakash Narayan, Deendayal Upadhayay were great personalities who remained far away from corridors of power but lived every moment for the people.
  • On the occasion of the birth anniversary of Sardar Patel on 31st October, Run for Unity will be held. It should be organized in every city and town on a very large scale to promote the mantra of unity.
  • Unity in diversity is India’s specialty and citizens especially the youth should experience it for the development of their personality.
  • There will be a value addition in tourism only if people travel not only as visitors but also like a student making efforts to assimilate, understand and adapt.
  • The Prime Minister also urged people to enlist seven best tourist destinations of their states and visited places to promote the tourism in the country.


Mann Ki Baat programme, for last three years, gave a unique opportunity to get connected with various feelings and positive energy of the country. It has facilitated people send their ideas, experiences and feelings to PM.

  • He said, social scientists, universities, research scholars, media experts will undertake its analysis and highlight its every aspect, positive as well as negative.
  • People’s interest has increased in Khadi after it was discussed in one of the previous episodes of Mann Ki Baat. Sale of khadi has increased and poor man’s household has directly got connected to employment.
  • The Selfie With Daughter in Mann ki Baat became a big campaign not only in India but in the whole world.


  1. External Affairs Minister hits out at Pakistan for creating terror groups like Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish-e-Mohammed and Haqqani Network;

India has hit out at Pakistan for creating terror groups like Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish-e-Mohammed, Hizbul Mujahideen and the Haqqani Network.

  • In her address to the UN General Assembly session External Affairs Minister said, India created IITs and IIMs but Pakistan produced terrorists and terror camps.
  • She asked Pakistani leaders to introspect as to why their country is infamous as the pre-eminent export factory for terror. She accused Pakistan of waging a war against India.
  • She described terrorism as an existentialist danger to mankind. She wondered how the international community will fight the menace if the UN Security Council cannot agree on the listing of terrorist.
  • She also expressed concerns over climate change, maritime security, unemployment, gender empowerment, nuclear proliferation and cyber-security.


Referring to the UN role and the goal set for UN reforms and security architecture, the Minister said, without improvements in UN Peacekeeping, this goal cannot be achieved.


  1. UN Chief lauds India’s contribution towards sustainable development, peace operations and tackling climate change.

UN Secretary General met External Affairs Minister and praised India’s contribution in the world body’s efforts towards sustainable development, peace operations and tackling climate change. The UN chief welcomed India’s efforts to implement the ‘2030 Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals’.


  1. ‘Gram Samridhi Evam Swachhta’ campaign

The Centre will launch a 15-day campaign to promote development and cleanliness in rural areas.

  • The ‘Gram Samridhi Evam Swachhta’ campaign will begin on the 1st of next month in partnership with state governments.
  • Rural Development Minister has written to all Members of Parliament in this regard.
  • The Minister asked the MPs to facilitate various programmes at the panchayat level for holistic development of village


  1. Trial of seven Mumbai terror attack suspects by Pakistani Court

A Pakistani court conducting the trial of seven Mumbai terror attack suspects has ordered the Federal Investigation Agency to appoint a focal person to press for bringing 24 Indian witnesses to Lahore to record their statements in the case.

  • Mumbai attack mastermind Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi is among the seven suspects facing charges of abetment to murder, planning and executing the 2008 Mumbai attack.
  • Prosecution in the case said the Indian witnesses statements are needed to conclude the trial which has been going on for more than seven years.
  • India has been urging Pakistan to complete the trial at the earliest, saying enough evidence has been shared with Pakistan to prosecute the accused.


  1. Mudra Promotion camps to be organised across the country

The Finance Ministry has decided to organise Mudra Promotion camps across the country beginning from Prime Minister’s constituency Varanasi to accelerate self employment opportunities.

As part of the special drive, 50 camps, including one each in state capitals, will be organised from Wednesday till the 17th of next month.


  1. Pradhan Mantri LPG Panchayat is launched at Mota Ishanpur village in Gandhinagar

Union Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas launched the Pradhan Mantri LPG Panchayat at Mota Ishanpur village in Gandhinagar district of Gujarat.

A total of one lakh Pradhan Mantri LPG Panchayats would be organized across the country in the next one and half years to provide an interactive platform to the rural LPG users.


  1. US bombers flew off the east coast of North Korea in a show of strength against Pyongyang’s weapons program

US bombers flew off the east coast of North Korea in a show of strength against Pyongyang’s weapons program. Tensions have risen as North Korea has resisted intense international pressure to halt its nuclear and missile programmes.

This mission is a kind of demonstration of US resolve and a clear message that President has many military options to defeat any threat. The flight came after days of increasingly threatening rhetoric between US President and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un’s regime.