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All India Radio News Summary, 26 August 2017

All India Radio News Summary, 26 August 2017

  1. UIDAI CEO says Supreme Court’s verdict in no way stops quoting of Aadhaar for PAN, and for availing government subsidies and schemes

Linking of Permanent Account Number, PAN with biometric identifier Aadhaar will continue as previously directed and so will be the quoting of the 12-digit Aadhaar number for availing various government subsidies. UIDAI CEO said after the Supreme Court verdict holding privacy as a fundamental right.

  • He said the verdict, in no way, stops quoting of Aadhaar for various schemes as well as filing of income tax returns.
  • Aadhaar Act has several provisions in chapter 6 and chapter seven, which protects the privacy of persons who have enrolled for Aadhaar and who are using aadhaar for the various purpose.
  • When a person gives his bio-metric or uses his Aadhaar number, his/her information is kept confidential; it is not shared with anyone else, without his consent. So therefore, Aadhaar recognises that the privacy is a fundamental right.
  • He said, the Aadhaar Act, which entails its quoting for services ranging from getting subsidised cooking gas to opening bank accounts and obtaining a new phone number, had been drafted keeping in mind privacy as a fundamental right.
  • He said, the judgement has not said anything about the Aadhaar Act so the Aadhaar Act is a valid Act passed by Parliament and is the law of the land. Section 7 of the act prescribes that for getting certain subsidy or benefit the government can insist on an Aadhaar number. He added that position holds today.


  1. The farmers, who feed the nation, should be free from worries

Prime Minister has said that the prosperity of farmers is essential for the balanced development of the nation and the dream of new India cannot be achieved without it.

  • Addressing the Golden jubilee celebrations of Bhartiya Agro Industries Foundation in Pune through video conferencing yesterday, he said the farmers, who feed the nation, should be free from worries and the government is working to double their income by 2022.
  • He said the production centric and income centric approaches have been adopted in agriculture schemes to achieve the goal.
  • The Prime Minister also pitched for creating digital villages as part of developing the rural sector and ensuring empowerment of farmers. He said, if at least 500 villages could be made less cash per year as part of realising the dream of digital villages, it will create a chain reaction spreading to thousands of villages.
  • Emphasizing the need for women’s empowerment, the Prime Minister said women’s self-help groups should get quality training in research and veterinary education as it will benefit the animal husbandry sector.


  1. Air pollution has reached crisis level in Northern India, Niti Aayog

Noting that air pollution has reached crisis level in Northern India, Niti Aayog has recommended a slew of measures like imposing higher taxes on petrol in and around the more polluted cities.

  • The Aayog in its ‘Three Year Action Agenda to be implemented till 2019-20’ released by Finance Minister, also suggested making public transportation faster and more comfortable to discourage the use of private vehicles.
  • It has also identified coal power plants, brick kilns, vehicles, cooking and heating fires which burn biomass, rubbish burning and burning of crop residue and dust from construction as the major sources of air pollution.
  • The Aayog has also backed use of genetically modified (GM) seeds in India saying concerns of the technology being monopolised by MNCs can be addressed through allowing only locally developed varieties.
  • It also outlined various measures like MSP reform and better marketing infrastructure to be adopted for doubling of farmers’ income.


  1. PM’s interaction with a group of Additional Secretaries and Joint Secretaries

The Prime Minister has asked central government officials not to restrict themselves to files, but go to the field, to understand the true impact of decision-making.

  • During the second interaction with a group of over 80 Additional Secretaries and Joint Secretaries, he said the officers should not look at their work as just a duty, but an opportunity to make a positive transformation for governance in the country.
  • He urged them to use technology interventions to simplify governance processes.
  • The Prime Minister asked the officers to focus attention on the 100 most backward districts of the country, so that they can be brought up to the national average level, on various development parameters.
  • On the occasion, the  officers shared their experiences on subjects including performance based administration, waste management, river and environment pollution, climate change, value addition in agriculture, education and skill development.


  1. SC verdict would have some bearing in matters related to the possession of beef in Maharashtra

The Supreme Court today said, its verdict declaring right to privacy a fundamental right would have some bearing in matters related to the possession of beef in Maharashtra. The apex court made the observation while hearing a batch of appeals filed against the Bombay High Court’s May 6, 2016 verdict de-criminalising the possession of beef in case of animals slaughtered outside the state. The bench has posted the matter after two weeks.


  1. Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated in several parts of nation

Several parts of our country today welcomed the God of intelligence Ganesh.

  • Devotees ceremonially installed Ganesh idols on the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. Pious chanting of Sukh kartaa dukh harta aarati and other hymns echoed from homes, housing colonies and public pandals this morning.
  • Ganeshji will be worshiped up to Ganesh Chaturdashi the day of immersion.
  • This year the concern for eco-friendly Ganapati celebration is paramount. People on large scale have realised the importance of clay idols as against the Plaster of Paris idols as these contaminate water sources in wells and lakes.
  • Security has also been beef up for the next 10-12 days in view of the large crowds gathering to have Darshan of their beloved deities. Traffic police have made elaborate alternative arrangement for the festive days.


  1. The biggest hurricane to hit mainland United States
  • A Gulf of Mexico storm rapidly intensified early today spinning into potentially the biggest hurricane to hit mainland United States in 12 years and taking aim at the heart of nation’s oil refining industry.
  • The US National Hurricane Center said in an advisory that hurricane Harvey has strengthened to a category 2 storm, packing winds of 160 km per hour as it moved northwest about 355 km off the coast of Corpus Christi, Texas.
  • The storm is forecast to make landfall late today or early tomorrow, packing winds of up to 201 km per hour.