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NEW INITIATIVE: Insights Learning (I-Learning)



Insights Learning (I-Learning)


Prelims 2017 was a testimony to the evolving and unpredictable nature of UPSC papers. This new initiative is a step towards reducing this unpredictability. 

We will be covering briefs about 5 topics from each test of the Insights Prelims Test Series 2018.

These topics will be unconventional in nature, in that they aren’t generally covered by newspapers or standard books, yet they are very important for UPSC (e.g. TRAFFIC or CCAC asked in 2017 exam, as well as by us in our test series last year).

Through this initiative we intend to bridge the gap between online and offline students as well as paid or unpaid users.  This is going to be a weekly feature. 

Take maximum advantage of this initiative. Knowledge is empowerment. 

Note: It’ll be published at the end of each test window.

The first instalment of I-Learning is posted HERE. Hope you find it useful and exciting.